Gorgeous Apple green Hobo!

  1. Gorgeous! I just bought an Apple Green hobo from acegirl on eBay and I love it to pieces!
  2. Aw, congrats! It really is one of my fave colour BBags...I have never seen a colour like that on any other bag before. It's truly beautiful, enjoy wearing her!!
  3. beautiful leather and such a beautiful saturated color! and from a PFer too!
  4. Ohhh that's percephonie's :nuts: !!! I've the same apple green hobo and I LOVE it so much :yahoo: !! GOOD LUCK with your sale "F" . . . crossing fingers it will find a lovely new home soon ;) :heart:
  6. Your welcome! :flowers:
  7. Love the Apple Green color! What a gorgeous bag, good luck with the
    sale Percephonie!
  8. Thanx girls! Hope it sells, really need the money right now!
  9. Ohhh 'F' ..... it's already sold :nuts: !!?? WOW .... CONGRATS :flowers: ! Does it goes to a PFer ??? :love:

  10. Hi Firstclass!, :yes: Yeah, I'm the guilty culprit :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: . Can't wait to get it. I've been looking for an apple green "anything" for a long while.
  11. This is my dream bag - but alas, I am poor :sad:

  12. HooHooo phooey -- CONGRATS to this GORGEOUS apple green Hobo :flowers: !!! You'll LOVE it :heart: --- it's in perfect condition and the color is TDF :love: :yahoo: !!
  13. And it's off to it's new mommy tomorrow!:yahoo:
  14. Congrats on the fast sale Percephonie!! and congrats phooey on your
    new Apple Green bag! It's such a great color!
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