gorgeous anis!

  1. unfortunately the link does not work for me
  2. Ditto on the link not working!
  3. omgosh, sorry, i have to look for it again!
  4. Bijin,

    I LOVE the Ostrich! Are you getting it?

  5. i wish! i can't yet decide what i want. the price is very good for an ostrich. go for it tokyogirl!
  6. I love it!
  7. i love ostrich i adore vert anis but in combination it simply does not work for me :hrmm:
  8. Bijin, I LOVE this Ostrich, it's a beautiful color! :smile: But I actually just bought a 30 black togo Birkin last week, so I am out of the market for the time being. Definitely my next purchase is going to be an Ostrich though!!

  9. how fun! did u get it the H shop or from a reseller in tokyo? i hope you got a good deal!
  10. I just did the math, that IS really a good price for a 35 inch. (Although I have lived in Japan for close to 5 years, I still don't have a good sense of yen amounts (especially when there are lots of zeros) until I convert it in dollar.
  11. I am afraid that I couldn't wait to purchase it at a Hermes boutique, and got it at a reseller. (The long version of the story is my mother who was visiting last week, pushed me into buying it.)

    As to price, it's definitely not a good deal compared to US prices (even including U.S. reseller prices). However, in comparison to Japanese resellers, I think it was a fair price. No regrets though, I ABSOLUTELY love it. I can't wait to take it out.... :yes:
  12. tokyogirl...did you buy it?
  13. No, since I just bought a Birkin last week I couldn't justify buying this Birkin as lovely and reasonably priced it is. I believe it is Bijin who is contemplating the purchase... :rolleyes:
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