gorgeous 30cm fuschia ostrich birkin on ebay!!

  1. It is beautiful! I think it is authentic...I just don't know what that yellow mark is in one of the pictures on the strap? Is it covering up something near the date stamp?
  2. She blocked out the blindstamp with Photoshop or something...
    bag is TDF!
  3. Does anybody know how much Hermes boutique list price is for this bag?
  4. I don't know about the 30cm. A 35 cm fuschia ostrich is $14,800.00 in the boutique... without tax. So take that into account. Maybe her price is just about right with a slight markup.
  5. Why would she block out the blindstamp?:hrmm:
  6. maybe to keep other people from using the blindstamp in a fraudulent manner.
  7. Thanks Nathansgirls .... if I didn't just get my 30 cm black togo, a week ago, I would jump at this one.
  8. Has anyone actually bought from this seller? I'm VERY TEMPTED to get it but my only concern right now (aside from authenticity - which is always the case when buying from eBay) is whether or not it's truly brand-new and never-been-used. I'm super-picky about my stuff being brand-new. When you're not buying straight from Hermes, there's no way to know whether this purse has been carried a few times before it's sold ... I mean, I know people who carry their Hermes bag with the plastic film STILL on the hardwares ...

    Still, I'm very tempted ... I don't own a Birkin yet and fuchsia ostrich is what I'm looking for ...:hrmm:
  9. koukanamiya - here's an old thread where addicted purchased a rouge birkin from this particular seller - it all starts at post #20

    anyways, it turns out fed ex lost the birkin (crazy hunh?!), but the seller refunded addicted her money. you should PM addicted, she's had a really good experience with this seller

    i've seen your posts on tfs and i know you've been looking for a 30cm fuschia ostrich, so maybe this one is the one!
  10. I have been visiting reseller sites and stores (I live in Japan, so there are a number of them here). I have yet to see a fuschia ostrich birkin...
  11. I have seen this person sell a couple of Birkins before and the only one that went sour was the auction with addicted. But it was not her fault fedex lost the package. So far no one has had a problem with her Hermes items so I take it as a good thing.

    That bag is to die for!!!!
  12. very nice! Too bad I've been on Hermes overload lately.....
  13. I have it on my watch list :smile: . I'm not going to place a bid on it til the last minute. If I win it, it's meant to be; if not, then I guess I'm supposed to wait my turn at Hermes:P ... I really hope this purse is truly brand new and that the seller didn't decide to carry it at least once before selling it ... With these things, you never know
  14. This bag is absolutely TDF! I am dying for this bag! I wish I could get it, please someone grab this bag! She is GORGEOUS!
    Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you koukanamiya!!!