Gorgeous 2005 Taupe City

  1. Hubba hubba! :sweatdrop: :shame: :love:
  2. Yes, this one's a real beauty!
  3. yes, but deco cant buy her because she is on a purse ban. I am too. I really am. But being on a purse ban, thats just means PURSES right? That doesnt include accessories right?
  4. Purse ban only means you can't buy the Purse style Bbag. Everything else is exempt from the ban. :nuts:
  5. Thats my girl! We are so on the same page! I always knew I liked you best! We think alike!
  6. Wow, did you read the other bag's she's going to list soon:

    ".* i'll be listing tons of bags pretty soon...03 lilac, anis, 03 white, dolma, bordeaux, 04 tweed, chocolate...etc"
  7. wow, someone needs to get this bag, the leather looks just like my black '05 city (major droooooooooooool!!!) :drool:
  8. Wow this taupe looks gorgous! I've always liked taupe.
  9. This bag is so tempting but her other soon to be listed bags are TDF too (lilac) ! :nuts: :drool:

    Decophile, you are so hilarious ! :roflmfao:
  10. Wow, that taupe looks so different than the other pics I've seen. I like!
  11. It does doesn't it? Richer, and warmer than other pictures I've seen of the taupe. Could it be the light, or perhaps its just very unused? Its beautiful, regardless.
  12. Does anyone know what happened to her other Dolma City listing? Did she end it early to sell to someone?
  13. I never saw a taupe one, its stunning. BUT do the light browns and taupe tend to look dirty as they get used? I had a Taupe Chloe Paddington that I used a lot and after a while it looked almost "dirty" cant explain it.