GORGEOUS 2005 Grenat Paddy on Ebay

  1. Shhh-- I saw that too :smile:

    I really really want it- am hopeful that I can nab it first!!
  2. If this was an '06 with grody leather I'd give pause too! But it isn't! It's a 2005 with smooshy pebbled leather. Whoever wins this will be very lucky. The color is amazing. If I wasn't already pining for a grenat Balenciaga I'd love a grenat paddington!!!
  3. Lordguinny...will you describe the grenat color? Is it a cranberry color? I saw the pictures, but am more curious....
  4. I ask for additional photos from the seller. Nothing yet but I am happy to share when I do. :yes:
  5. Click on this link for more photos of a BEAUTIFUL Grenat. Wow, mrsmac's Grenat is also TDF!

    I'd describe the color as super ripe crushed cranberries. I believe in the sun it changes color to a slight burgandy as well. Some paddington colors change in different lighting (like chocolate) because they have undertones. Chocolate and Grenat are good examples.

    So chocolate in the sun is burgandy brown with raspberry caramel swirls while Grenat in the sun is crushed cranberries in Merlot.:love:

    YUUUM! :nuts: The photos of the grenat are making me want one!!!!
  6. I love the way you described the colors Lord Guinny!!!
  7. Lord Guinny, you should work for Ben & Jerrys!!! You describe colors like they are food, and make them sound so fantastic!! OK, so now I am liking this grenat color that I didn't even know about 10 minutes ago....what would you say between it and whiskey. Keep my prada in mind. My prada pics are posted on that thread by coachswife. I am still to clueless to get pics on here. Thanks for your advice/opinions!
  8. Yikes- just notced no PayPal :sad: I'm out!! Go for it Triplets!! Enjoy it for me :roflmfao:
  9. Triplets, I am posting pics of my grenat in hopes it will help. I wouldn't call it cranberry as it is deeper and richer than cranberry. Merlot or wine would be more appropriate I think. I am not as eloquent as LG!
    Hope the photo does not come up too small.
  10. NWpurselover, your Grenat is so yummy! Not stiff at all! You know with time and use paddingtons soften up significantly and I think that "warm" colors takes on another level of decadence after that phase. They become vintage looking, you know?

    Triplets, between whiskey and grenat....I dunno, that's a hard choice! I will say this. I have a whiskey paddington and right now I want a grenat/rouge (very different reds, I know) Balenciaga. In regards to colors I love my whiskey. But I still have the need for a deep burgandy bag. I wonder if I had gotten the grenat paddington if I would ever have yearned for the whiskey? Probably not...but now that I have my whiskey I can't image not having her.

    I think a woman should have the following colors as a staple: black, chocolate, red/burgandy and one "pop" untraditional color. My "pop" color happens to be whiskey. I know eventually I'll get all the staple colors in different models. Now it's just which one I want first!

    So you know eventually you'll want both colors....you just need to decide which one should come first! If I were you I would take this Grenat because it is an 2005 at an awesome price. Nothing compares to 2005 leather!!! And the Grenat is discontinued, I believe? So there you go, a rare colored bag...and 2005 to boot!

    I would just make sure the bag is in good condition before you buy.
  11. I have the Grenat 2005 paddington and 2006 first shipment of whiskey paddington. Both are exceptional bags in hue, color. The pigment in the colors are VERY rich. I think the only paddington's that are on a "stunning" level were from that time. Good luck! I wore my whiskey yesterday! Both are SMUSHY and SOFT too.:smile:
    Picture 001.jpg bags.jpg
  12. By the way, my picture is the truest photo on this thread in color(probably cuz I use 5 pixel camera)...just thought that may help because the other tones of grenat in the other pictures are not as true as mine in real person. I ADORE the color, dark rasberryish red.
    Picture 001.jpg
  13. star3777, your Grenat is my favorite color! My entire house is decorated around this deep raspberry red. I think Grenat is so pretty! The new rouge 2006, IMO, isn't as pretty. Your bag looks so deliciously scrumpled and pebbled! The fact that the color photographs different shows it versatility as a color. I've seen Grenat look cranberry reddish and deep raspberry red (like yours).

    I think as the years pass and new leather variations come and go 2005 paddingtons will hold the same allure and value as the first edition Balenciaga bag. If paddingtons remain strong for another 5 years we may find that our paddington 2005 will resale for higher than their original price because the leather will be highly sought after!
  14. After all this grenat talk and the lovely amazing pics I want that bag more than ever. I can't believe it's still available on eBay!!

    IMO, the grenat is the color.