Gorgeous 2004 Rose Weekender!!!!

  1. wow!!! pretty!! =) i'm so happy i have one already.. otherwise i'd be bidding my head off for this one.. hehee
  2. :nuts: :nuts: I don't think I've ever seen a rose weekender!!It's gorgeous!!!!:heart:
    Good luck mimz!
  3. MIMIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!

    :lol: You must have the most kick-ass collection in the world. Seriously chica - pictures!

    Oh, and good luck with the sale - I'm amazed it's lasted this long.
  4. seriously... Mimi. QUIT HOLDING OUT ON US.

    *stamps foot*
  5. OMG :nuts: . . . AMAZING :nuts: !!! WOW MiMi ..... good luck with your sale :love: - - - ohhh if I had the $$$ .... omg omg :hysteric:

    Thank you for posting justwhisper :flowers:
  6. WOW! GORGEOUS!!! It's the most BEAUTIFUL rose bbag I've ever seen!
  7. Unbelievable!!! One of the most amazing colors ever and I've never seen it in that style.
  8. Beautiful colour- if only it was a twiggy! Good luck, Mimz
  9. Oh this bag is drool worthy.:drool: Gorgeous, gorgeous, bag. Sadly the weekender is much too big for me.:crybaby:

    Good luck with the sale Minz, whoever gets this bag will be a very lucky girl.
  10. Gorgeous bag!!! I love the rose 04' color it's my favorite! I'm sooo tempted....someone get it and save me.
  11. :drool: :drool: Can you hear that? This bag is calling me!!
  12. Yeeaahhh myriam...... I hear it :nuts: :lol: - go go go . . . good luck :drool: :flowers:
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