GORGEOUS '06 INK clutch make-up on ebay :-)

  1. That is stunning!
  2. This is a beautiful specimen, great color really, however I always find clutches too expensive considering the usage they have:sad: .
  3. Love it, but would love it more in black or a crazy metallic.
  4. Black would be nice and sexy.
  5. Out Of Control Gorgeous!!!
  6. Is there something wrong with this clutch? Two people have retracted their bids.
  7. I was about to ask that too..I wonder why~
  8. no nothing wrong with it. in fact, i want it! one of the retracters was Oh Donna in a rare and feeble attempt at complying with her purse ban :lol: . But I'm pretty sure she didn't retract because she thought there was something wrong with the clutch.
  9. Looks good to me! I want a bigger Ink though, so not bidding on this ;)
  10. funny "rare and feeble" I can so relate
  11. rare and feeble is right....ha. I retracted my bid after I got my Taupe City...but I'm still watching it, dork that I am. I didnt retract it because there was anything wrong with it. Now I feel bad cause 2 of us retracted our bids. Seller must be pissed for sure. uh oh.
  12. I am sure someone else will grab it up or those that retracted may not be able to keep their bids that way and the seller will be very happy. I think it is really cute but just too expensive for me to put my makeup in.
  13. i have a camel clutch that i use in my city bag to hold everything!!!!
    i love the size, for a night out can be used on its own:heart:
  14. hey guys - it's my bag and i wasn't pissed about the bids being retracted, only a little weirded out because i don't see retracted bids that often. but i assure you there is nothing wrong with it! :yes: