gorgeous '06 black weekender @ "barney's" nyc

  1. me & my girl toni saw this together yesterday & wanted to share it with y'all :wlae:...we both said that if we didn't already have a weekender (toni's got black & i've got ink), that we would snap this baby up :love:...it's one of the most beautiful b-bags i've ever seen & the leather's simply scrumptious...if you're in the nyc area, you should stop by & check it out...as you can tell by the 3rd photo, we couldn't keep our hands off it :P
  2. wow aaallbama,
    that bag is beautiful!!!!
  3. hi im a newbie here! luv looking at all the gorgeous pictures you guys are posting! been a handbag collector for a while but could never afford the bbags... got my first one last month and i have to say im in love! :yahoo:
  4. that looks like such a good "weekend" bag! :biggrin:
  5. that IS pretty!!!
  6. hi guys!!

    yes.... those are my fingers.. that bag was way way soft!!
  7. haha, i love your camera phone aaa....you always snatch up the best photos! hahaha. including stalker ones. thanks for the photos and info.
  8. ^^ you're welcome to all of my adoring cell-phone stalker fans :P:nuts: :love:

    p.s. latest stalker photo to be posted sooooooooon!!!
  9. Wow that bag is gorgeous! Too bad I am such a shortie...the weekenders are simply too big for me.
  10. OMG, you're killing me here! Can someone please post an ugly bag for a change!:nuts:
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