GORGEOUS '05 TEAL city from a lovely PFer :-)

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  1. Deana, you're parting with the teal city? I thought you loved it!
    good luck with your auction!!!
  2. :sweatdrop:
    Well, I am trying to be a good girl, it being the holidays and all. But it is sooo hard to let any Bal bag go! I am tryiing to be practical because my other 3 bags are my absolute favorite colors of all time. It seems I am more drawn to the very vibrant colors. When it comes right down to it, I don't see me passing one of them over to use the Teal. But dang it's hard! It really helps to have you guys as support, because I know so many of you can relate to the struggle.
  3. Good luck with your sale Deana! Must be tough letting her go - she's such a beauty!
  4. Wow, that is one of the nicest teals I have ever seen! The color is so rich and unfaded! Good luck with your sale Deana!
  5. that teal is beautiful deana...good luck!!!
  6. has it been treated at all? I would love to hit that BIn but I dont want treated bags.
  7. :smile:
    Hi Donna! I agree with you on that one. The day it arrived I actually got LMB's Bal kit, and the Apple Conditoner in the mail as well. The only problem with the bag was dryness. I didn't like how the products smelled. Not that they were horrible, just that I love the way Bal leather smells, and feels for that matter. So I decided not to use them, and went with what I have used on my other bags. I take a small combo of Cetaphil Cream and Glysomed Hand Cream and warm it in my hands and then massage into the bag. These have absolutely no smell what so ever, and they melt into the bags leaving no funny residue or tacky feeling. After that I used a tiny bit of LMB's Shine Restore. It wasn't as smelly as the other products or sticky. And the slight aroma it had was gone completely a couple of hours later. I am thrilled with the results! It feels and smells as natural as all my bags. And I am really glad I didn't treat it with a bunch of product. It was terribly dry though, so it couldn't have gone without the moisturizer.
  8. Good luck with your sale, Deana.:tender:
    I know it's hard to let her go , but I'm sure she will be loved wherever she ends up, right.:girlsigh:
    I can relate to the dryness factor, some bags just need a little moisture rub.

    It looks GORGEOUS!! Like BRAND SPANKIN NEW!!!:nuts:

    click BIN.....click BIN..........CLICK BIN................
  9. This auction is killing me!! I love pink but I'm a sucker for blues and this one is GORGEOUS!!
  10. Somebody get this! It's in such super condition and I can vouch for how deliciously deep and rich the Teal colour is :smile:
  11. Gorgeous,gorgeous,gorgeous!!!! Good Luck W/ Your Sale Deana!!!!