GORGEOUS 05 Rouge Day Hobo BIN 875

  1. LOL, I sold that bag to her, it was BRAND NEW. Someone snatch it before I buy it back!!!
  2. Gone! That was fast!
  3. darn, missed it by 2 minutes!
  4. Thanks for posting this . Just what I'm lookin for :yes::yes:
  5. Rocco, did you get it? that was FAST! congrats!!!!
  6. The funny story is . . I had this color in this style that I sold a while ago. I MISSED that bag!!!! Now its mine. Honestly - thanks for posting. I search eBay about every 30 minutes or so. Don't know how I missed this one. But thank you so much. I'll post pics as soon as I get her :smile::smile::smile::wlae:
  7. Yes, slinks!!! she is MINE thank you so much for catching this. I honestly don't think my browser was showing. You know, I'm at work :rolleyes: with a pile of stuff to do but what am I doing????

    Dreaming of b bags what else!!
  8. Hard to beat out a T2 line :smile:
  9. What's a T2 line?
    You are very welcome :smile:
    Making dreams come true - that's what I'm here to do :p
  10. uber fast internet connection from the university where I work :smile:
  11. :yahoo: rocco, congrats!!! the 05 rouge is my absolute favorite Bal red!!! Glad you got one back!!
  12. congrats rocco, that's an amazing day!!
  13. Thanks guys. Now for my Indigo DAY I mistakedly sold and now want BACK acckkkk
  14. Rocco, Slinkies is right. I just bought the 05 Rouge Theater from mas, and it's one of the most exquisite possession I have, in any category. I am so in love with the color (Slinkies and I agree, this is the best red!), with the thick and soft leather, and with the stylish and irreverent slouch. It's a dream bag! So glad you bought it.