GORGEOUS !! '05 MAGENTA city - BIN $1699 :-)

  1. Very pretty. But what's up w/ all the white seams?
  2. beautiful! I had a magenta city which I sold. It also had white seams on the tassels.
  3. Love that bag, wish I had one.

    What's with the "livethelake" watermarks?
  4. Those are not white seams. I think the leather's splitting up. :sad:
  5. mine definitely had white seams (on the tassels...I don't remember any on the actual bag) and there was NO splitting
  6. Isn't livethelake a PF member? I wonder if these are stolen photos :cursing:
  7. Oh true.. I was a bit hasty in my judgment. Upon second look, the bag looks new and the leather's not splitting at all.

    Hmm gotta ask Livethelake about this... she might have sold it
  8. Hi guys. Thanks for the concern. That's what I love about tPF.

    My ebay id is different from my ALVA id (and my PF id). I always watermark my pics Livethelake. If you click on my ME page, I have an explanation about the ebay/ALVA id thing :smile:

    The bag is not damaged, nor is the leather splitting. It's a common trait of the magenta bags, especially the city bags. I guess, part of the individual charm of b bags!
  9. Glad to hear these are actually your photos and your auction. It is a beautiful bag and in such pristine condition!!

    Good luck on your sale, LTLake!!
  10. The bag is GORGEOUS!!! Good luck with your sales livethelake! =)
  11. LIVE~ magenta bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  12. Sorry about that statement about splitting! My mistake.

    What a gorgeous collection of bags you have. Easy to tell what your favorite color is!
  13. OMG~ I can't even believe that it is BRAND NEW!!!!!! Someone grab this! I love magenta~ hope to find it in the work!

  14. No problem :flowers: and thanks! I am Magenta obsessed :love: