GORGEOUS '05 INDIGO Twiggy :-))

  1. Oh my goodness, that bag is tdf! Sooo pretty.
  2. I saw that too! So pretty, it's one of my favorite blues!
  3. I think twiggys in blue colors are the best, indigo, sky blue,teal,cornflower,omg !i want all of them:rolleyes:
  4. I'm partial to blue also and this one is gorgeous!!!
  5. wasnt this bag ranskimmies or something (sorry, if i have the wrong person)....i saw a thread where something was "flaw'd" with the bag when it was sold to 85940 or something and then she sold it to the seller who is selling it now without the flaw being disclosed and now this seller is selling it...hmmmm its gone around 3x in less then a month.
  6. Hi, I'm actually the seller of this Indigo twiggy. I was just wondering what did you meant by "selling it now without the flaw being disclosed." I'm not offended but I just want to make sure because I did buy it from the seller "85940". I don’t see it going around 3x within a month (as you said) since I brought it in July and now it's about to be Oct. (check my feedback) I own 5 bbags and I don’t see this one being a fake. I've been reading around and knowleding myself to prevent buying fakes so I'm sure this is authentic. Please let me know what did you meant by "selling it now without the flaw being disclosed" so I can fix the problem and not misleading the people who is interested. Thank you!
  7. I'm not sure of the whole history of the bag (i do think it was ranskimmie's at some point), but I can vouch for the current seller. She sold me my indigo first back in May and was absolutely honest and wonderful to work with and the bag was perfect! If anything, the bag was even better than described!!!
  8. There is a thread on this bag already in here, let me find it!
  9. oooh bbag drama...sorry had to just throw in this useless comment. lol.