GORGEOUS '05 CARAMEL city - BIN $1400 :-)))

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  1. Thanks for posting this FIRST! I love this color!:love:
  2. Very pretty! Caramel is one of my favorite colors. But I am holding out for a silver hardware in good condition. I want a white with silver but I am sure that is wishful thinking. A white that old, in good condition probably only exists if someone bought one and put it in the closet. :P Like me. It's pathetic how many of my bags that I have had for years and never carried or at the most carried 2-3 times. Obssessed with bags? YES!;) and sunglasses and shoes and clothes... but bags are my first love. :heart:
  3. I love the look of the leather on this one!

    I know I am the oddball, but I usually like the newer bags because I actually love them real shiney and veiny, but I sure wouldn't mind this one...*sigh*
  4. OH NO....
    I was thinking about the Teal 05 City and now I see this...!!! I love blue (Just got Navy 05 City), but I also love the browns (My first Bbag was Camel 06 First)!!! Why do people keep selling beautiful bags? Please tell me to RESIST!!! This is sooooooooooooo dangerous!!! I need to go force myself and watch TV rather than checking out The PF!!! HELP~~~~:hysteric:
  5. (Chanting) Resist!... Resist!... Resist!
  6. someone got it! good! I kept looking at it every day!!
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