Gorgeous 04 Seafoam First!

  1. I love it!! :heart: :heart:
  2. that color is to die for...and i want a first...but i just bought a bag yesterday.... :drool:
  3. pretty bag!!! it's a lovely colour, i had one in purse...
  4. Why didn't this come up in my worldwide search...:mad:

    I'm gonna misss something I wnt one day, I just know it!

    Great bag!
  5. Wow that is stunning!!!
  6. good luck bev! beautiful bag!!!
  7. Thanks ladies!

    I think the color is so divine but now I'm obsessed with the vibrant magenta and turq05 colors.. so this one has to go to a better home :smile: The leather is so insanely soft though, the most buttery out of my collection!