GORGEOUS 04 Eggplant City from PFer!!

  1. Heart PAPS!!!!!!!!!! This is torturing me!!!!!!

  2. Me too :hysteric: it's BREATHTAKING, isn't it :drool: !!? OMG :rolleyes:
    Good luck with your sale burukogepanda :love:
  3. OMG, I WANT IT!!! I'm making an offer right now...what do you guys think is fair???
  4. Do it Larnette!! it's so beautiful!!..

    Good thing i don't have a thing for eggplant... *phew*
  5. Good luck it is a beautiful bag!!!
  6. OMG!!!!! I want this so bad!!!! Oh I'm going to have to do some major closet cleaning out this weekend to get the funds
  7. I love this too !! soooo smooshy !
  8. ooooh, i LOVE this color!!!! good luck with your sale, buru, you have gorgeous bags!!!
  9. It's Gone!!! Congrats To Whoever Got It!
  10. Wow! It was bought with Buy It Now--$1688! That's a bit stiff...good on the seller!! :rolleyes:
  11. :yahoo: :yahoo: Guilty. Don't hate me. It was love at first sight. It is bought and paid for and I can't wait to get it. When I saw it and saw the price I showed it to my finace. He siad " Now I really like that one". That was enough for me. I hit the BIN. It is going to be a Christmas gift from him, but I do get to photograph it before he takes possesion until Dec. 25. A month away. That's okay, I am very good at finding things and unwrapping packages and wrapping them back. :P
  12. Congrats!! I wanted it but was holding off on the BIN price--enjoy!!
  13. It is, but when you figure a new one is 1200. plus shipping and maybe tax. to get that gorgeous color is worth it. I have been drooling over that color ever since I saw a girl carrying one in Miami. It was so beautiful in person and hers was a First in perfect condition.:love:
  14. oh, congrats, powder!!! lucky girl, of course we don't hate you! but please....tell me where you guys are finding these fiances who read these 4-digit price tags and say "....now i really like that one..." i think i found my husband in the pile that can only read up to 2digits on price tags.......