Gorgeous '03 Caramel Clutch with Pewter Hardware from Mimi!

  1. goodluck mimz sweetie!!:nuts: :heart:
  2. Aw, thanks! :heart: I hope it finds a loving home as it is definitely one of my favorite clutches.... :love: :shame:
  3. i just see this! OMG! sooooo pretty!
    g luck with ur sale mimz
  4. OMG!!! This bag is gorgeous! Good luck with your sale!:tender:
  5. OMG, I can just imagine how yummy this Caramel must be.:girlsigh:

    Good luck on your auction Mimz. I'm sure whoever gets this gem will really love and appreciate her.
  6. It's already gone :yahoo: !!!
    CONGRATS MiMi and the lucky new owner :flowers: - this clutch is TDF :drool: