Gordon Ramsay's F Word

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  1. I did a search and their is no thread based on this show as of yet.This WAS one of my favorite cooking shows on tv. I was just watching this episode that included this Sardinian delicacy. It is Pecorino Cheese that is left to rot and then consumed with maggots in it. I am so mortified and disgusted I cant even think straight right now...LOL...

    Gordon actually tasted this delicacy and it didnt seem he liked it either. He said it tasted sour. For thousands of years the Sardinians have been enjoying this cheese called...Italian maggot cheese...Kozu Mozu is literally a rotten pecorino cheese. Their saying that in some cases the maggots arent killed when eaten and in extreme cases they can tear holes in the intestines.

    Of which can cause vomitting,diahrea, and bleeding. I am so sickened by this episode that Im not sure I will ever watch this show again. Their was no warning in the description of this show telling us this was going to happen.I dont think this is appropriate for a cooking show and should have been nixed as an idea for an episode.:throwup::sick::wtf:

    I just want to warn people that if they see in the description of this latest show...Sardinian delicacy to NOT watch it if you have a weak stomach or if this subject disgusts you as much as it did me.Sorry for this threads contents but I really felt strongly about this episode and wanted to warn whomever watches Gordon Ramsay's F word tv show.

    P.S. I know I would have loved a warning about this episode.
  2. sounds like this should have been on bizarre foods with andrew zimmer. some of those episodes make me want to hurl.
  3. I was hungry before seeing this show and now I cant eat anything at all!!! Im so shocked by this episode!!!:nuts:
  4. Andrew Zimmermn did cover a cheese left to go rotten and contain live (big and juicy) maggots when eaten. It is called (aged) Chontales cheese, and it is of Nicaragua. I do recall that he liked it a lot though.
  5. Ok now this episode just takes the cake. I thought Id give the show another try and here they are slaughtering a pig and using every part of it in 21 different dishes. The last dish they decide to show is this pigs axxhole in a soup. Im not going to tell you what the guy said after tasting it because it aint pretty. I once again am thoroughly disgusted and also with no warning of what their about to show. I thought this show was suppose to be about gourmet cooking but i guess they have other ideas. AACCKK!!!