Gordon Ramsay Confronts Diners With The Sight Of A Shot Deer

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    Shoulder of meat: Ramsay carries a deer carcass through his restaurant

    Gordon Ramsay is back stirring up controversy

    This is Gordon Ramsay the deer hunter.

    Like a caveman, the chef strolls through his restaurant past bemused diners with a freshly shot deer slung over his right shoulder.

    The scene is from the new series of The F Word, starting next week, in which Ramsay visits Norfolk to learn how to use a high-velocity rifle before attempting to stalk and shoot an animal himself.
    While Channel 4 won’t reveal the success, or otherwise, of his exploits, the Scot returns to his London restaurant - and venison is clearly on the menu.

    Later in the series, Ramsay attempts to dive through ice in Norway to catch 6ft crabs.
    "It’s a bit of a challenge for Gordon every week," said an insider.

    "The ice dive is completely mad and looks very dangerous. But whether he’s actually any good at any of his exploits is another matter."

    In the second episode, Ramsay is left embarrassed when he throws up after failing his own food challenge.
    He dares Top Gear presenter James May to eat some of the world’s most disgusting foods as a "test of manliness".

    The pair begin by consuming a braised bull’s penis, which Ramsay manages to keep down with the help of white wine. But then they move on to the task that proves too much.
    As he unveils the plate, Ramsay challenges May: "This is basically rotten shark. You have to eat it without being sick - that is the true definition of a proper man."

    But within seconds of trying to eat the fish, the chef himself gags, blusters "oh s**t" and is forced to rush for a bucket.

    The insider said: "It’s very funny. Gordon challenges May to a macho food stand-off and comes out of it rather the worse for wear. To be fair, the food they eat is pretty disgusting."

    It is a rare moment of chagrin for the chef who delights in other people’s discomfort.

    He is famed for yelling at hapless restaurateurs and notoriously served meat to a vegetarian in his Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares series.
    He has also been branded sexist for claiming "women can’t cook".

    In the latest The F Word series, the chef also taunts guests Girls Aloud for being too skinny and refuses to serve vegetarian band member Cheryl Cole.
    He conducts a nationwide search for the "new Fanny Cradock" - because he says he is sick of seeing male chefs on TV - visits an abattoir for the first time and breeds lambs for slaughter in David and Victoria Beckham’s back garden.

    Story via The Dail Mail.
  2. I love Gordon, but these things are not to my liking.
  3. It's all well and good if people want to shoot a deer. (I'm fine with hunting in general if the hunters are planning on eventually eating their kill. Shooting things for sport is just mean.)

    My issue is not with him shooting a deer.

    Some of them came to the restaurant for venison, not to stare at a deer carcass. People don't need to see that.
  4. hahahah i want to see him eat the rotten shark :roflmfao:

    i think people need to be less squeamish about where their food came from, the venison didn't come from the venison tree out in the garden. someone i know once told me that she'd send back fish at a restaurant if it was served whole and the eyes were still there and that she'd never eat shrimp or prawns if they were served whole :confused1: what, did she think it came from the eyeless gm fish/prawn/shrimp bush?

    having said that, i'm not sure how hygienic carrying a deer through the restaurant like that is :wtf:
  5. Remember that episode of Trading Spouses where the 'new' wife wanted to show her 'family' where food came from so she asked them to kill a rabbit so she could cook it?

    And the other one where the woman wanted the children to watch her kill a chicken?

    I know that venison does not come off the venison tree, but some people live on a farm / work in a slaughterhouse / hunt their food, so they're used to seeing things like that. But to the people that aren't used to it, seeing something like that can be devastating.

    Do people have to watch a hunt / a slaughter before being allowed to eat meat again? No. But they do need to know where their food comes from.

    And if they're concerned about how humane the slaughter is, it is probably a good idea to research it . . . . . once I knew about veal, I decided not to eat it again.
  6. Eeeek! I respect Gordon Ramsay as a chef and all, but that's a little bit weird...
  7. Thats disgusting and wrong!