Gophers Problem

  1. Anyone have gophers problem? We moved to our new house a few months ago and discovered we have visitors living underneath our front yard. Those damn gophers! I thing I bought everything you can think of to kill the gophers from Home Depot. I tried smoke bombing them, gopher poison baits, and even Blood Meal fertilizer (because some guy from Home Depot mentioned that the gophers hate the smell of it), but NOTHING seems to work!! :cursing:

    Then just recently, another guy from Home Depot (I think I know all the SAs from Home Depot by now :rolleyes:) mentioned that I can buy gopher traps online. It's like a black box with holes on both sides where you put it over a freshly-made hole so when the gopher tries to crawl out of the hole, he'll get caught in that trap and get decapitated instantly! :wtf: The Home Depo guy proudly told me that he caught 5 headless gophers within a month and sometimes the trap will even cut off the gopher's waist so you get 1/2 of gopher the next morning! :throwup: The only problem is that you have to bury their corpses. Ok, I know I hate gophers but I think that trap is just inhumane. :wtf: I was feeling nauseated as I listened to him describing his conquest. :s Funny thing is I think he gets a kick out of watching my facial expressions. :angel:

    So anyone know any method to kill gophers w/o decapitating them? I just don't think I have the heart to set up those death traps.

    Maybe I should hire a professional?

    I have officially declare WAR against gophers!! :hysteric:
  2. :nuts: gophers??? lol ive never seen them before! hehehehe!!! i hope you get them all!!! :jammin:
  3. Gophers are soo cute!!! I don't know what to do, but those traps sound terrible. Please don't hurt them that way.
  4. My dad actually saw one the other day. He said he opened the front door and noticed some leaves moving in the corner. He slowly creeped up to it and saw this little cute mousey-looking head popped up out of the hole, looked around (while my dad stood there frozen) and popped back into the hole. My dad's facial expression was like :wtf::cursing:. They are really cute but I never seen one IRL. Maybe if I do the death trap... :devil: j/k
  5. Gophers are cute but I know they can be a problem! I am very very glad you decided not to use the decapitating method. My uncle has a gopher problem and last time I borrowed his tundra he had gopher poison pellets in the back.
  6. I'll catch one and send it over to you as a pet. :graucho:
  7. My parents have a horrible problem with gophers...they are always getting into the garden and digging tons of holes in the yard. Their solution, drowned them out. Stick the hose down the hole and when they pop their little head out the dog grabs them. Hit 'em with the shovel then bury them. I think they caught about 50 so far this summer
  8. Oh wow! :wtf: It reminds me of that arcade game back in the days where you hit those gopher dolls when they pop out of the holes for points. :lol: We tried drowning them already but we had the hose running for 30 min and the hole never filled up. :Push: We must have deep trenches underneath our yard. :yucky:
  9. paul james, who has a gardening show on hgtv (gardening by the yard), addressed the problem of gophers and ground moles just about a week ago.

    i caught the saturday morning show and was interested as i have some ground moles. he recommended a castor oil, corncob and soap granule that chases them from the area you treat. a google search revealed the trade name to be chase. it can be hand broadcast or spread with a spreader.

    hope this will do the trick. queen
  10. oh! please don't use that trap! it sounds so horrible! and gophers are darling...annoying, but darling.

    they do make humane ones that let you release the little guys elsewhere. although giving gophers to your neighbors instead might make you unpopular. :smile:

    my parents had moles and gophers for years...they found this device that stuck in the ground and made a noise they hated. i don't know what it was called, but it green and roundish. the gophers were gone in a month. it was something like this...Gopher Repeller - friendly way to get rid of gophers
  11. We had an exterminator leave trap/cages for them. They were alive in it and the exterminator took them away to let them out somewhere else.
  12. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I show the gopher repeller that ilzabet suggested to my parents and we're going to give that a try. Don't worry, we're not going to set death traps to those cute but annoying creatures. :flowers:
  13. we had horrible gopher problems last year. every day we would wake up to see a new hole where a small flowering plant used to be. I even saw a goher stick his head out one morning out the window. I kept yelling at it and throwing little things at it, like grapes. it would duck his head back inside the hole, but after a while, it didn't give a sh*t. those are some bold animals.

    anyhoo, we got one of those sonic sound things this year, and fingers crossed, we haven't had gopher problems. on the other hand, those snails keep eating my dwarf dahlias....

    also, we bought this oil-type thing that you are supposed to attach to your hose and spray on the plants. but we didn't have to use it since that pole looking thing worked. I might as well exchange it for some snail repellent.

    one last thing that the gardening center told us about, there is a type of plant that gophers don't like the taste of: euphorbia lathyrus
    Euphorbia lathyrus Gopher Purge

    Gopher Purge or Mole Plant contains a latex like milky sap that is found in the roots, leaves and flowers.
    Poinsettias are members of the same genus and contain the same kind of sticky sap which can cause skin irritation in sensitive people. This caustic substance is not a repellant but a contact irritant. The varmint must chew the roots to become ill or die. In order to protect plants from gophers or moles, a thick stand of Euphorbia is necessary. And, because it dies every two years, it is necessary to be vigilant and replant or your precious protected plant becomes exposed.

  14. We have a mole problem and PHH got these vibrating things that you put batteries in and stick it all the way in the ground..( for those dirty minds..yes..they kind of do resemble vibrators but they are NOT..ROFLMAO!!!)The vibrations scare critters off the property.They actually work..LOL..he bought a few and weve had no probs since!He got them at Home Depot...

  15. I am so glad to hear that you arent going to be exterminating all the gophers in your yard!

    DH and I had gopher problems not too long ago and gopher repeller worked wonders! There is definitely no need to go through Gopher genocide. :upsidedown: There is something about the sound that it emits that drives em far far away. :P