Goooaaalll!!! My Kelly plays football (soccer)!!!

  1. Ms. Aubergine Kelly couldn't stay put today and went to play football! It was the first game of the season and we won!

    On the way to the stadium, she also roamed around town in the comfort of her bicycle basket!

    FCB_Kelly.jpg FCB_Kelly2.jpg FCB1.jpg FCB_ZH1.jpg FBC_game3.jpg
  2. Ms. Aubergine Kelly really enjoyed the beautiful day today!

    HB1.jpg Kelly_basket.jpg Gemsberg_bike1.jpg UH_bike.jpg
  3. This was the best thread LaVan! I really adore all the pictures and you.
  4. LoL, LaVan!!!
    How cool is that :tup:.

    I would have enjoyed that game as well as you and Ms. Kelly.
    Glad to see you've had a fun day!
  5. LaVan, you always have the quintessential chic style that can go ANYWHERE! As you just proved! What fabulous pictures, thanks so much for sharing.
  6. Ha Ha! Which team are you? I am a massive Arsenal fan and there is NO WAY my H would ever go near the stadium! Ahhh, you are so much more sophisticated!
  7. Kelly-in-a-basket, that's so cool! Thanks for sharing your day.
  8. This was fun!

    Ms. Aubergine Kelly is really practical as she can fit perfectly in my bicycle basket and aslo be carried with the shoulder strap wherever!

    Tenshi - We had really cool seats and saw everything so close. We also enjoyed the apero and dessert in the lounge.

    lvrjrt - Thank you!

    eliselady - Football games in Switzerland are quite calm ... lots of security and people are well mannered. You don't have people bumping on you or anything rowdy. The game was between FC Basel and FC Zürich.
  9. LOL! FABULOUS, LaVan!!! You look lovely!! Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics of your kelly-in-action. That is one go-everywhere bag!
  10. simply adorable!
  11. Love the pics LaVan!
  12. Thanks KB! Ms. Aubergine Kelly has been missing in action lately, so this was a good breather for her lol!
  13. LaVan - that is a magnificent kelly. Would you please post the specs for me. Is aubergine the color? Is it rigide? Leather? I adore kellys, and this is a wonderful specimen. Switzerland looks like a wonderful country, too.
  14. Love it, LaVan! Your town is beautiful....and what better sport for a Kelly to take up than soccer! (just don't let her get kicked around:nuts:)

    I find my Hermes sometimes sneaking out on the beach. I've caught them in several pictures, quietly enjoying the ocean waves.
  15. We have had some great pics of our H's in interesting places. Fesdu and the elephant, Cal and the bike, and these great pics. I am thinking that it would be great to start a thread and collect these pics in one place.....