Google Store Gadget - new alternative to eBay and PayPal?


Mar 16, 2007
Interesting article I cam across - I really hope this takes off and give the Bay and PP some competition!

Read the full article here, with photos:

Google Store Gadget: It might be a PayPal and an eBay alternative

What if you could easily place a store on virtually any site on the Internet?
Well, now you can with the new Google Store Gadget.

Google has been looking for something to give its online payment system, Google Checkout, some legs, and this could definitely do it. The Google Gadget is a very simple piece of code that allows you to put a basic store description just about anywhere.

The placing of the Gadget on your site works as a 3 step process.

It works in conjunction with Google Docs to create a spreadsheet to which you can add everything you need to sell your item, including pictures. Many sellers' patience is wearing thin with the bombardment of new selling platforms and their never-ending changes, so I think they'll love the fact that the Gadget is ready to use right out of the box.
When you add to this the power of Google Base, the tool that sends store listings to the Google search, the possibilities are explosive, and you gotta love the fact that there are no listing, or final value fees.

The gadget is in Google "Labs" right now, so this means that there is no support for it. But stay tuned, I have a hunch this one is going to be a popular product and I can see Google developing it further.
If it does take off, it could be a twofer for Google by way of competition for PayPal and an alternative to eBay's fixed price format.

The one big thing that has been holding back a lot of sellers from turning their own websites and blogs into stores, is the fact that it's never been easy by any stretch of the imagination to set one up. This could change that in a big way.