Google search sometimes showing our sigs! (Karman)

  1. I just searched "vuitton lvoe" on google search and came up with this:


    weird eh! This sin't the first time that my google search has come up with purse forum sigs either.
  2. Oh Karman, this definelty proves where you belong... ;)
  3. hahaha! it just proves how scary the internet can be! i did a thesis on privacy, and identity theft is such a growing problem. everyone please do exercise discretion when it comes to personal info.
  4. I found some too

  5. Eek. Thats kinda weird.
  6. Yeah....I googled a couple things before and ended up getting posts from tPF. Kinda freaky when you google your name too and posts from tPF comes up -- people definitely start to notice where I spend my time!
  7. Scary!
  8. This is why I don't put my picture up anymore...
  9. If you search any purse image on google 5 out of 10 are from here. Scary.
  10. Ewww...don't like my kids picture coming up.....that's coming DOWN!! =(

  11. Kind of creepy....remember everyone, anyone with internet has access to what we write and post on here.
  12. :ninja:LOL, I sure hope the people who posted in the : your LV and you: naked with thier bags dont mind. lol. nothing is private anymore, we are being watched:ninja:
  13. THis is why I don't SEARCH at all.... I'd rather be ignorant in this case lol
  14. i know! i search for bags on my wishlist, and my signature comes up!
    (well, it used to)