Google Mistake - oops

  1. Has anyone tried this out.....

    Subject: was this a mistake on google's part?

    1- Go to

    2- Type in "failure" in the search text box

    3- Laugh at what comes up as the first listing

    4- Tell other people before the people at Google fix it

    Not meant to offend anyone.
  2. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    that just made my night.
  3. :roflmfao: Very Funny!
  4. instead of hitting search, type in "failure" and then hit I'm feeling lucky... that's even better.
  5. What's even funnier is that if you read his bio, there is nothing in there that resembles a "failure".
  6. I think it´s the Google people having fun.....:roflmfao:
    I tried it first time 2 years ago, already there !!
  7. HAHA That is sooooooooo funny!!!!!!!! I've got to share that!
  8. Google sure has a sense of humour, hehe.
  9. LMAO!!!:yes:
  10. The best definition!
  11. Yeah that has been there for many years when I first tried it.. Very funny :biggrin:
  12. so funny!!! :yahoo:
  13. Um 'unprecedented steps' is just a nice way of saying, "We have a right to wiretap your phones."

    And the bio doesn't mention anything about the 'weapons of mass destruction.' Just saying.
  14. LMAO!! That is too funny!!
  15. This is too funny!!!