Tech Google malware warnings when searching

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  1. Is anybody else having problems with this when doing a Google search?

    It only started happening today, but every time I get a result page up after putting in a Google search, practically under every result I'm getting a 'This site may harm your computer' message. It even comes up under the BBC website address (and Louis :shame:smile: - it's coming up under nearly everything I'm searching for!

    Then when you click on the site anyway, up pops a Google Malware Warning page repeating that the site may harm your computer but you can continue anyway at your own risk. Really? Well, I can't seem to continue as there is no continue button proffered. Instead I have to manually type in the http site address in the toolbar at the top of my screen and hit the 'Go' button to access the site - it's driving me nuts!!:cursing:

    Has anybody else come across this? And if so, is there any way of getting rid of, or get round, this extremely unuser-friendly situation?

    It's getting to the stage where I'm thinking of changing my search engine altogether, as this Google warning just makes searching practically unworkable!

  2. OP asked to close as its a duplicate
Thread Status:
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