Google Earth for finding Toki

  1. I have Google Earth loaded on my computer that my son loves to use. Tonight I sat down at my computer and he had left Google Earth up on my screen. So just for fun I searched for Tokidoki and to my suprise up came a bunch of stores that sell Tokidoki products. I first typed in my state name to narrow the search down a bit, then I searched for Tokidoki. I did it for several different states and got stores like Japan LA, Pulse, and even a few Lesportsac Stores. There are a few stores listed in my area that I'll have to check out. I don't know how accurate it is but it will be fun to check out the stores it mentions.
  2. i love google earth too! my kids feel like they're flying to the other side of the earth to another country.. haha.. i guess i'll try that too, search for Tokidoki!
  3. that's way cool- I will have to try it! My husband loves Google Earth. Did anything come up overseas?
  4. When I put in Tokidoki as my first general search it brings up quite a few pages of stores including overseas.
  5. That's cool. I had Google Earth, I wonder if I deleted it? Hmm. Must check.
  6. Wow this is a really interesting idea!! I'm going to have to give this a try today for sure :yes: