Google Chrome - Games!

  1. Anyone use Google Chrome as their web browser?

    What games do you like to play or have added from the Chrome web store.

    Traffic Control
  2. you can download games????????
    i am apparently out of the loop and have been using google chrome for a few months now

    my work day just got so much less productive......
  3. ^ LOL my work day gets like that too when we're slow.

    I just downloaded "Home sheep Home" kinda like angry birds
    Then Flood-it
  4. I prefer mini games to online games ^^
    Often search for the download links on the Internet.
  5. be very careful about what games you download from the google store!!!
    i downloaded a bunch and suddenly i started getting this weird porn ad on my google search and my chrome browser started acting very weird. turns out a lot of apps can cause this. one of the main ones is super mario bros and super mario world (i had both of them).
    I deleted all game apps except my solitaire one (because it seems pretty legit) and all the google brand apps and the kindle app.