Google Checkout

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  1. Hello everyone,
    after reading scary stories about PayPal and being annoyed with PayPal's tricks and the power they have because of their "monopoly", I was wondering if Google Checkout might be a better option. What's its pro's and con's you can share with all of us?
    Thank you.
  2. I've only ever used Google Checkout as a buyer, not as a seller (have not figured out how to do this yet) and have found it to be hassle-free. In fact as a buyer, I am more likely to buy from someone that offers google checkout as a payment option (for as long as seller is reputable etc)
    Of course with google checkout you don't get the benefit of Paypal protection, but you do have credit card protection.
  3. hipnycmom Thank you for your response.
    I tried to add Google Checkout today to my lisitng and couln't do it-Ebay doesn't allow to use it :shrugs: Very strange.