Google Checkout?

  1. So, as many of you may know, Google Checkout is offering zero transaction fees till the end of the year to attract sellers, for credit card processing.

    Also, as you know, eBay has banned the acceptance of Google Checkout due to the fact that it is a "new payment system" and has not been "thoroughly inspected to be safe on eBay." It's hard to ignore that PayPal, an eBay subsidiary, is very much threatened by Google Checkout.

    Has anyone here accepted Google Checkout incidentally or regularly as a form of payment? Also, if you do, how do you go about the not-allowed-on-Ebay rule?

    I also think it is a good solution for those of us who have to deal with overseas buyers in countries not covered by PP's seller protection?

    I would appreciate thoughts on this. Thanks.
  2. I've used it before and you can't have the words "Google Checkout" on your listing anywhere or you will get an error from 'Feebay'. The error happened to me when I tried to put that I accept Google Checkout in the payment section. I haven't tried putting it in the html of my listing in Auctiva, but I'm thinking their system won't catch it. What I did do was put a note in the payment section that says I accept Visa, M/C, Discover, and AMEX through a secure checkout and for the buyer to contact me if they would like to use this method of payment. I've only had a couple of people use it, but it worked great.

    Vicki :smile:

    P.S. Thanks again for all of your help with my issue. I'll keep ya posted as my saga unfolds! lol
  3. Thanks skigirl73! This is very helpful information!
  4. I've used Google Checkout in the past. It worked great! You can put the words in your auction or where ever, but you just cannot put the scripting that creates a "pay button" in your auction. I have the logo in my store without any complaints so far. I don't think ebay can tell you that you cannot offer Google Checkout, but they can ban the "buttons" and the scripting from their site. Funny thing is FeeBay's reason for not allowing it. Because its not safe! I get chills down my back every time a buyer has a complaint because they might report to paypal and than my money is frozen without any evidence at all - its up to the seller to prove innocent, otherwise you are guilty from the start.