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  1. I have now used Google Checkout dozens of times as a buyer and seller and I LOVE it :yahoo:

    So first you will need to sign up here for an account.

    Only UK and US members can be merchants or sellers. Buyers in the following countries may use Google checkout for purchases:

    Once you have set up, it will take about 3 business days to have your account verified. Now you can send
    an INVOICE.

    Go log in here:

    You will see 3 tabs: ORDERS, PAYOUTS, and SETTINGS.

    Click on SETTINGS. On the left side of the page will be a list of links. Click on SEND INVOICE (2nd to last). Fill out the short form and hit send (Don't forget to check the box that says "Send a copy to my email."

    Once the buyer has paid, you will have an email notify you. Log in again here:

    And look for the payment (It is listed in order or payment received). Click CHARGE to charge their card. When you have shipped it, you log back in and hit SHIP. Enter a tracking number by click on that order. When everything is done and the buyer has received their item, you can ARCHIVE the transaction.

    You can also set up your account so they automatically charge the person when they send payment. I forget how to do this though....


    This information is NOT to encourage illegal PF selling. I am simply offering this information as a Paypal alternative (It is illegal to use on eBay since eBay owns Paypal).
  2. Thanks for the info. I'm sure we'll all find it useful.

    What kind of protection does google checkout provide to buyers and sellers?
  3. Liz,
    what fees does Google charge to sellers?
  4. Liz, if Google checkout is not allowed on ebay, perhaps this post would be more appropriate in another forum? (this is the ebay forum)

    Just a thought...
  5. Other ebay sellers are using google checkout.
  6. I used it a couple of times and they went smoothly. Paypal is having so many issues and abuses lately, it is getting too risky for bigger payments.

    As a buyer, you get the same protection as using your credit card, since G checkout only take credit cards. As a seller, no bank reversal!
  7. I love it too! No fees until the end of December! But Ebay doesn't like it too much. I heard that Ebay pulled a lot of their advertising from Google because of Google checkout. I've used it on my listings, but you have to not specifically name "Google checkout" otherwise Ebay won't post your listing. :wlae:
  8. I heard initially months ago that Ebay will not allow you to use Google in your ads for payment because its direct competition with THEIR Paypal. In fact, when I signed up with Google back then and asked, it was THEY that told me Ebay wasn't allowing it.

    As far as Ebay and Google with their fight, they reconciled last week on the advertising bit.
  9. No fees for sellers until 2008, so everthing is free until then =)

    They have different security checks for address and CC confirmations for both sellers and buyers. Sellers cannot sell w/o passing and sellers will know if the buyers are not approved.

    I do know of buyers and sellers going around the Ebay system to use Google Checkout.
  10. This is a GREAT and encouraging news! I will give Google checkout a try. Once PayPal knows they are not the sole business anymore, they might will not be that arrogant to their customers.
  11. I have used Google Checkout on some retailers - not eBay.

    What kind of protection is offered? Since eBay says they wont protect if Google Checkout is used.

    I guess Id be concerned about not being protected at all.