Google Checkout requiring personal info be faxed in?

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  1. I recently opened a google checkout account and yesterday I received an email (below) asking me to fax in a bunch of stuff to verify my identity, address, etc. I forwarded the email to but have not received a response yet.

    Has anyone else with a google checkout account been asked to do this? I'm not doing this until I can verify that this email is legit.....

    Hello XXXXX,

    Account Creation Date: Jul 24, 2007
    Merchant ID: XXXXXXXX

    We are unable to verify the account information provided during the signup
    process. Although you may still accept and charge new orders at this time,
    you must provide some additional information before you can receive any
    future payouts.

    Please photocopy/scan the following documents within five business days:

    1. The front and back of the credit or debit card you used to sign up.
    For security purposes, please conceal the first 12 digits of your card
    number, leaving only the last 4 digits visible.
    2. The front of your driver's license. Please ensure it is a clear and
    legible copy.
    3. Proof of address for each address entered in your Google Checkout
    merchant account. Acceptable forms of proof of address include the

    -driver's license with matching address
    -bank statement
    -credit card bill
    -water, phone or other utility bill
    -business license

    4. The original supplier invoices/receipts for the following order(s)


    The invoices must contain order details and your supplier's phone number.

    Write your merchant ID number at the top of these documents, and fax
    within five business days to (650) 644-0159, Attn: 'Google Account
    Verification.' While we recommend that you fax the documents, if you
    prefer, you may also reply to this email with the appropriate attachments.

    Failure to send any of the information listed in this email may result in
    a delay in payouts. We'll contact you by email again once we've received
    and verified your information. If you have any additional questions,
    please feel free to respond to this message.


    The Google Checkout Team

  2. Oh no. I was going to open a google account but I really hesitate to send anyone personal info.

    ask lizlikeshugs, she's the google checkout expert.
  3. thanks Donna.

    IMO, if you are looking for a good Paypal alternative, this is not it. If they require this kind of info- and don't even have a phone number to call OR answer emails, best avoid them.

    They are currently holding my money hostage right now and I am NOT HAPPY!! :cursing:
  4. Well, I wont be signing up with Google Checkout, because there is NO REASON they need that kind of information and no way Im giving it out!
  5. Roo, can you call them? I would like to know why they dont require all that prior to setting up the account? Is it a large amount of money? Maybe thats why they decided they want more info from you. They want to make sure you arent laundering money.
  6. I received an email from the phishing people @ google that confirms the email I received from google checkout is legitimate.

    I've heard that anything over $1000 will create scrutiny like this. What a pain :rolleyes:

    And no, there is no number to call for support. :cursing:

    I faxed in my info so we'll see what happens.
  7. I recently thought about ordering from and they require google checkout for credit card payments. After reading this, I'm not sure if I want them to have that info... with that, they could do a lot.
  8. Do they run through a credit check when opening an account? I have had no problems with them. Have you recently moved? It seems that they have problems verifying your billing address.

  9. That's weird... Google didn't do that to me when I opened my account, but then again I haven't accepted any payments larger than about $75 yet. If it's legit, I guess you kinda have to give them the info if you want them to release your money... Good luck with everything! :smile:
  10. Buying things using google checkout isn't an issue. It's when you set up a selling account that they are requiring all this documentation. I read on the google checkout forums they are doing this to other people too. It is a fraud prevention method and I don't have a problem with that, what I have a problem with is that I got an EMAIL asking for this information without any way to verify if it was genuine.

    Way back in the day, Paypal required this also.
  11. I did set up a seller's account and they never asked me to send any additional information. Maybe it's a new thing or something didn't match up when they did their check. No biggie, sounds like you have it under control. Kinda weird that they emailed you, like you said.
  12. i had to send them an image of my credit card and my ID (well they asked for a driver's licence but since i don't have one :shame: that was a little difficult so i put an image of my national ID and it was ok) for buying something, but not for selling :confused1: but i haven't sold anything that expensive yet.
  13. I would be concerned if there was no way to verify the e-mail was real. I just read an article that said you should never respond to e-mails like that without calling the business first. This is making Google look very amateurish, imo.
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