Google checkout Newbie~send in Scaned!?

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  1. Hi all! I'm new as merchant of google checkout, so please bare w/me. first time charged someone's cc for an item sold on eBay, received a phone call from 'google checkout' advising me to reply what the email require b/c I'm new to google. Here is what it says:
    We are unable to verify the account information provided during the signup process. Although you may still accept and charge new orders at this time, you must provide some additional information before you can receive any future payouts. This email will cover the documents required for account verification and an additional requirement needed for shipment verification. Please see the details for both of these items below.


    Note that this account verification process is not related to the bank verification you completed during sign up. Please photocopy/scan the following documents within five business days:

    1. The front of the credit or debit card you used to sign up. For security purposes, please conceal the first 12 digits of your card number, leaving only the last 4 digits visible. (Note: If sending in a copy of an American Express card, please be sure to also conceal the 4-digit credit card verification number printed on the front. It generally appears to the right of the card number).
    2. The front of your driver’s license. Please ensure it is a clear and legible copy.
    3. Proof of address for each address entered in your Google Checkout merchant account. Acceptable forms of proof of address include the following:

    -driver’s license with matching address
    -bank statement
    -credit card bill
    -water, phone or other utility bill
    -business license

    4. The original supplier invoices/receipts for the following order(s)

    Order #xxxxxx

    The invoices must contain order details and your supplier’s phone number.

    Write your merchant ID number at the top of these documents, and fax within five business days to (650) 887-1640, Attn: 'Google Account Verification.' While we recommend that you fax the documents, if you prefer, you may also reply to this email with the appropriate attachments. Please ensure that the copy of the driver license you send us is clear and legible. To avoid delays, we suggest that you adjust your fax or scanner's resolution settings. You may also print a test page first to ensure the copy you send us is clear.

    Failure to send any of the information listed in this email may result in a delay in payouts.


    As stated in our Terms of Service, we may require that items be shipped before the order is processed in our system. In accordance with our rules and regulations, Google Checkout will pay out your account balance after your buyers have confirmed receipt of their goods. You may continue to accept, charge and ship orders at this time.

    We would like to work with you to complete your transactions in a timely and secure manner. We have contacted your buyer(s) and expect email confirmations once the goods are received. You may wish to expedite this process by updating your order receipt pages with tracking numbers and emailing us to let us know when you shipped your goods.

    Is this normal procedure? I just find it a bit 'over', any info will help!
  2. I've gotten that exact same E-mail accept without the whole shipment verification. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT ship anything until you have the funds and have charged the credit card. I think your E-mail is a scam.
  3. Who is the E-mail from?
  4. KAOKim, thanks for the reply! the credit card is charged, the google person said to release such high amount of fund as my first transaction, they need more info from me. It's from "Google Checkout Team ("
  5. Oh yah! Thats totally fine. Send them the info. I had to send them the same info. Just the whole shipping thing threw me off. But its fine to send them that info. Good luck!
  6. phew, thanks for the confirmation KAOKim :flowers:!! I was very worry b/c it's pretty serious info they want from me, now I know you've went through it, I feel much better :yes:
  7. No, I totally understand what you mean. I was very suspicious at first too. I even called to confirm. But it is legit. Just fax it in and they release your account within 1-2 days. Have a good night =)
  8. thanks again! guess they need shipping info b/c I'm the seller, not buyer?
  9. Just an FYI, you are not permitted to use Google Checkout with eBay

    Payment Services permitted on eBay:, Canadian Tire Money, cash2india, CertaPay,,,,,,,, XOOM

    Payment Services not permitted on eBay:,,,,,, CCAvenue, ecount, e-gold,,, EuroGiro,, Google Checkout, gcash, GearPay,,,,, Liberty Dollars,,,,,,, paypay, Postepay,,,, stamps, Stormpay, Western Union,,

    Breaches of any part of this policy may result in a range of actions including:
    • Listing cancellation
    • Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings
    • Limits on account privileges
    • Loss of PowerSeller status
    • Account suspension
  10. wow, even if it is legit, I'd be really worried about what they do with this info, and how secure it really is...
  11. I use Google as both a seller and buyer and love it. I have had no problems but when I sold for the first time ( 2 Balenciaga's) they sent me the same email. They re-verified everything and even had me fax the receipts and such to them. They responded quickly and had my account up and running again within 24hrs. I found their extra efforts to try to guarantee authenticity and verify the seller (me or anyone) made me feel better using their system as a buyer in the future. JMO
  12. ^^^ If eBay catches you using Google checkout you are at risk of losing your account, it's there in black and white that it's an eBay violation
  13. If is WAS a scam, why on earth would they ask her to conceal (hide) most of the CC #?? As well as the 4 digit security code on front of Amex..? This sounds like google checkout is actually trying to protect her. If it was a scam they would want and ask for ALL of the CC number.

    And Mooks: You ARE allowed to use Google check out under "own merchant accounts" you just can't advertise that this is your preferred method of payment! It is a weird loop hole but it is okay. Ebay doesn't like it but they can't not allow it. A lot of people are confused about this policy.
  14. Have you had that in writing from eBay? Just interested to know because anything that means Paypal doesn't get my money I would be keen to know about!!
  15. No- I never bothered to get it in writing but I did ask ebay over the phone b/c I was curious about it when I read a thread a while back regarding the same thing. The ebay associate made it clear that the listing cannot read "google check out" etc... b/c they do not endorse this method but that you can use any service you want through "own merchant account".. It is a loop hole.