Googla ads at bottom of page: Link to fake-selling site!

  1. Hi!

    I usually don`t care for the ads at the bottom of the threads, but today I stumbled over one of them and just clicked on it out of curiosity.

    Well, turns out, that at least two of the advertisers (am I allowed to name them? If yes: and ) are websites selling replica bags!

    I know that this forum cannot control the contents of ads by Google, but still, isn`t there something that should be done about such an issue? I mean, links to replica sites can`t be in our interest, tight?
  2. We actually can help control this- we try to filter out these ads (Vlad and I have the capability to allow who we want and don't want on the site).

    Thank you for the heads up- and Vlad will take care of this when he sees it!
  3. hope i could do some good. i just felt uncomfortable and had to tell you guys :smile: