Googalee's Goyard Reveal

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  1. I adore this reveal and your purchases are amazing :smile: You're going to be super happy with them, of that I'm absolutely and totally sure.
  2. Had to come back for the finale of your reveal, I love the pink Fidji - I've only seen a pink St Louis IRL, the Fidji looks adorable in this color. Congrats on scoring THREE fabulous new Goyards!
  3. Beautiful reveals!! I ordered a Yellow Okinawa with red initials shadowed in bronze. Should be here in October. Hope it is as pretty as yours!
  4. OOO...missed the pink fidji! :love:
  5. yellow and black.........yeah!
  6. :faint: i love love love them all!!!!
  7. OMG :nuts::happydance:! What awesome purchases! I'm so glad to hear of your positive experience at the Goyard boutique! I can't wait to have a great experience just like day...hopefully soon. HAHA!
  8. Got the fidji in GSF. It was their last piece! When the SA told me that I didn't hesitate to get it. I wanst really planning on getting a fidji yet as of that time but when I saw it in pink and was told that it was their last one I had to get it.
  9. wonderful purchases ! whatta pics ! :woohoo:
  10. Thanks again for keeping up with me. I'm so excited to use them. Will post modeling pics next. (The term "modeling" is used loosely):shame:
  11. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. Wow! Great choice! :tup:

    My Goyard bag reveal is happening 2wks. from now :smile:
  13. Yay! I can't wait for the mod pics, googlalee :smile:

    Also, congratulations to jmblopez!
  14. WOW Congrats! Your St. Louis PM in yellow is TDF :faint::drool: Your Black one is TDF also. Your Rose fidji is such a gorgeous find!! What a great haul.
  15. Love all your purchases!! Especially the pink fidji! TDF :biggrin:
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