Goofy closet with a hole in the wall

  1. I've been researching closet design for a while, but I am at a loss when it comes to my goofy house. The master bedroom walk-in closet has a bizarre hole in the wall with no discernible purpose, and the size and shape is making it hard to find a good use for it.

    The closet is long and narrow, and only wide enough for shelving on the left wall and against the back wall.On the right wall near the back is a hole that is about 2 feet across, 3 feet deep, and 4 feet high. This isn't a construction remnant; it's fully dry-walled and painted. Its purpose eludes me.

    Since the hole is deep, pull-out drawers would allow maximum access. However, that means I'd forfeit the space in front of the hole, which is currently set up to hang long dresses and suits. Stationary shelving would prevent having to choose between those two options, but I'd be rummaging around like a fox in a burrow at that depth.

    Right now it's just piled with stacks of clothes we rarely use, like heavy sweaters and bathing suits. Getting an item out involves shoving all the dresses to the left side of the rod, then crouching in front of a pile and tugging with bated breath. It is like playing a very plush game of Jenga.

    Any ideas? TIA.
  2. What about a jewelry safe for the pieces you want occasionally but not frequently?
  3. Sounds interesting! Could you post a photo of it?
  4. What's on the other side of the hole (in the adjacent room)?
  5. Could it have held a safe?
  6. The other room is the master bathroom, and the sink is against that wall.

    I am not sure if there was ever a safe there. The carpet does not have any impressions.

    I will try to get a photo of it. I probably should have done so in the first place, it is a bit hard to describe.

    Thanks to all.