Goofin' Around This Morning :P

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  1. We're going out later and as I was trying to put together an outfit and choose a bag... hubbie decided to "shoot" me in the middle of the "honey does this bag make me look fat -- etc. etc. " questions hahaaaa! Uuhhh, no... still don't know what I'm wearing!


  2. Love both bags on u!!
  3. Great bags they look good on you!
  4. Lovely bags. The coffer is gorgeous :yes:
  5. I love both bags! The coffer is TDF!
  6. They both look great. Decisions eh!
  7. brown!!
  8. gorgeous bags!!
  9. Your bags are perfect for you! The coffer is fabulous!
  10. Fat? I see no fat, indications of fat, fat tendencies, anywhere !! That said, I like the brown with that outfit :P
  11. Minette!!! You look fab!!! You carry your bags very well...just stunning!!! So what one did you choose!?!? Love your shoes too!
  12. Thanks so much Gals!! :smile:

    Emmy ~ haha! The day turned cool and rainy...I ended up wearing a brown and tan cotton sweater, brown clogs and a LV mono bag! :P
  13. You shoulda just taken both.

  14. Hahaaa Chri5 ... umm... almost did! :drool:
  15. i love both!!!