Goody bag for 1 year old b-day

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  1. hi there

    so my baby is turning 1 in a couple of weeks :yahoo:

    and we have a little gathering. mostly family and some friends, but except for my son and nephew, only older children (10, 12 and 13), and the rest are adults.

    I would love to give everyone a goody bag when they leave, as I did that at our wedding as well, but I don't have a lot of money for that at the moment. so what do you recommend? really just a small something, like a thank you for coming.
  2. You can always find some cool nicknack's at the dollar store. Little water pistols or something like that. Also kinder surprises are always fun! I still buy them for myself! hahaha
  3. How about buying some chocolates and throwing a few in each bag, along with maybe a picture of your son in a cute cheap frame. For the kids, throw in some cheap toys too! :smile:

    A thank you card for coming for the adults too!
  4. How many people will be involved? Besides chocs or sweets, do you wish to add something else?

    Is this idea too way off - custom keychains or magnets or buttons or pocket mirrors (will there be many girls/women attending?) And if you're not in the US, then the time factor would have to be taken into consideration. The seller's target customers are primarily Etsy fellow sellers, I suppose but most likely she will be happy to entertain non-sellers.


    25 magnets

    $30 plus $5.50 shipping to countries other than the US


    This is for 25 Custom 2.25" Magnets. :smile:

    Looking for custom magnets with your Etsy shop address, your own design, or your avatar? Look no further! I can make you professional quality 2.25" magnets with any design or text you provide! I can even put your website address, etsy shop url, or any saying you want on the edge of the buttons!

    I will print your designs on bright white paper with a 4-color process laser printer for the best print quality. I then cut each product out to make sure that it lines up with my professional button machine.

    I only use top of the line button parts to ensure the best quality for your magnets! These make nice promo items. Won't slide down whatever you put them on, stays put until you move it!

    Artwork should be at least 3”x3” and 300dpi or larger. You can send me them as a .psd, .jpg or a .tiff. If you do not know what this means, please convo me for more info. :smile: After you pay, I will send you my email so you can send me your graphics. Thank you!


    25 buttons 2.25 inch

    $16.50 plus $9 shipping to anywhere other than the US

    Example of some buttons made:

  5. wow passerby - I like the magnet idea - we are around 15, so that would be fine. I thought of getting some sweets, chocs might not be a good idea bec it might be hot again....

    would love water pistols - maybe I will just get fun stuff, even for the adults! and for the ladies cute pocket mirrors... hey, that sounds quite good.

    keep them coming - thanks so far!
  6. It might not be very original, but here in Mexico the tradition for goody bags is just to fill them out with different kinds of candy!

    Everyone's got a sweet tooth and the kids usually love it.
  7. These "fanciest ever paper clips" are cute:


    Set of 12 costs $6.50 plus shipping


    Set of 4 costs $3 plus shipping


    Description: This set of copper and brass paper clips is just about as fancy as it gets for the person who loves fun office or stationery stuff! Need some decorative clips to add onto letters? Keep your place in a journal? Attach a special note and photograph many uses! They are hand-formed from very thin brass and copper wire, then flattened in the rolling mill to strengthen them and make them flat so they will not damage the pages of your book or photo. This is a set of 12, but if you need more, or less, just convo me.

    They measure about 1" by 1" each.


    Something different, and useful as well :smile:

    As for magnets, cherryberry also makes reasonably-priced magnets. There are a few sets of these magnets:

    Set of 9 marbles costs $6 plus shipping of $5.25 (to anywhere other than the US or Canada)

  8. Do you have a theme for the party? We had my daughter's 1 year old party in February and it was a poodle theme. I found a lot of great things at Oriental Trading and Birthday Express. My favors for adults were candy bars. Kids got goodie bags packed with things as well as bubbles. Here are some pics:

    1st pic: Center piece
    2nd pic:candy bar (wrapped around Nestle Crunch Bar)
    3rd pic: This is the wrapper I wrapped around the Plastic Bubbles Bottle

    Attached Files:

  9. ^ i love the wrapper - this is the kind of thing I had in mind, I mean like a thank you.

    I decided so far on lots of candy, on water pistols for the 'boys' (although I will regret that...) and little mirrors for the 'girls' (btw, I mean grown ups and kids). we are just a few people so it should be manageable.

    the task of making cup cakes, varieties as well, for a lot of people I am not sure about yet..... oh well, i have got that in my head.

    as for the theme: no not yet, but surely something with dark blue, maybe nautical theme, I am just a sucker for that. we will see.
  10. Laura, I did my own templates/wrapers for the candy and bubbles but you can also get them done for you on ebay. I printed them out on my printer on semi-cheap glossy paper, cut them out and taped them. Let me know if you need any help.
  11. Lovely ideas, rileygirl. lara0112, hope you have a wonderful party!