Goodnews ?

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  1. I just came across this vintage bag , I was wondering if anybody on here owns one and what their thoughts are regarding the goodnews bag ? How does it look ? How long is adjustable strap ? Thank you
  2. I’ve owned the Goodnews and gifted it to my daughter after a while. The adjustable strap is like the strap on the Evelyne III and I found the bag roomy and comfortable. I did like that it was zippered unlike the Evelyne and overall I would recommend it. The power of persuasion by my DD is the only reason I don’t have it today.
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  3. Thank you . It really seems like it’s gemstone of a bag out there . I think I may have found my next crossbody bag .
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  4. You’re welcome. I think you will be pleased with it.
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  5. I have a large one in Ebene and have loaned it to my husband, but so far he has only carried it on one trip.
    The zipper is nice but the zipper opens totally like a jacket, if this makes sense, so you have to engage the bottom end of the zipper to zip it up. I find this a bit inconvenient, but overall I think it is a great bag. I like the outside pocket feature.
    The strap is very long when fully extended.
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  6. I have one in a dark navy colour, and I rarely use it any more. Having said that, it is a great, under the radar bag that is womderful for travel and secure for subway rides, etc. I agree that the one complaint I have is that you need both hands free to zip it closed after the zipper has been opened all the way. The pocket on the outside is cleverly designed and is perfect for a cell phone. You’ve inspired me to dig mine out of my closet and take it for a long overdue spin!
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  7. Any photos ??? I’d love to see:smile:
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  8. Photos please
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  9. I have one and love it every bit. I like it more than evelyne. The shape is nice so I carry it on one shoulder if I need to be a bit formal than casual. Wearing it crossbody is also very comfy.
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