goodness these MAC eyeshadows are so ADDICTING!

  1. I already had 3 laura mercier and 3 mac shadows I was sick off, and now I just bought 8 with plans to buy the new smokey quad. Apparently I have the right skin tone and eye shape to be a complete addict. Just great right! Anyone else addicted to mac? How do you not go bankrupt?!
  2. call me crazy but i NEVER liked mac shadow.. I have a few of them that i dont ever use, I love chanel and BE shadows.
  3. *raises hand* the new smoke signals and blue storm collection is lovely! the quads in smoke signals can be easily duped (imo) but it's a nice collection none the less.. love the lipglasses.. the blue storm shadows are love!
  4. I love them for their color selection but I think that a few other companies have erm, more soft, smoother application? the feeling is just more satiny IMO.

    but yes, mac has amazing color choices
  5. Mac is an addiction of mine Aarti and I am proud to admit it.
  6. I’m right there with you! :nuts: I’m a true Mac addict… I have 50+ pigments, at least 50 shadows, and everything else (lots of blushes, skinfinishes, l/s, l/g, etc.). I have tons of other brands too (of every type of makeup haha), but IMO, the pigmentation of Mac shadows is comparable to more expensive brands such as Shu (which I also have), and other pricier brands. Shu may be a bit silkier, but the color payoff of Mac shadows is amazing. Plus, I love fun colors, as well as neutrals, so Mac is a dream haha… I’m a self-proclaimed makeup addict haha. :p
  7. I have a few MAC shadows and I do use them a lot. They really stay put.
  8. i never used to buy mac stuff and only purchased from really expensive brands, but after purchasing my first mac shadow a month or two ago i've developed a terrible terrible obsession-it really is wonderful stuff! :drool:

    in the past few months i've amassed a huge collection of eyeshadows, brushes, cream shadows, liners, brush cleaners, LE brush sets and cases, and stuff---i need help :crybaby:.
  9. the smoke signals quad is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT!
  10. I'm addicted too! I'm trying not to log on to specktra to peek at the new collections, so I can't be tempted LOL
  11. I'm a MAC addict, too!!!! I bought both quads from the Smoke Signals collection, 1 lipstick, and 2 that collection!! Have you tried the paint pots for eyes yet? They're from the Painterly collection..still out. They are gorgeous and last all day.
  12. Love Mac eyeshadows!! I picked up a few new colors yesterday as well as a few new liners. (to add to the 300 other colors I have at home!!) Im in Chicago at the moment so I always stock up on the new colors when Im in town every few months. I also picked up a few new fall colors from Bare minerals and I just love them. Yes, Im a MAC junkie!

  13. i love the paint pots! they're lovely under eyeshadows or on their own and they stay all day :heart:
  14. me too! i love bare escentuals eye shadow even though it took me a while to master the application without getting powder all over my face!! and to this day, i am still so bummed that chanel discontinued the mysteres quad. it was my favorite!
  15. ITA Sunshine!!

    I am a MAC Junkie!

    Has anyone tried their new face spray? It is kinda like a makeup setting spray?

    I LOVE it!