Goodness I have a weird sickness! But oh well what do you think I should get next?

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What should I get next (see explanation below.)

  1. Neverfull MM in Damier Azur

  2. Speedy 25 in Epi Cassis

  3. H clicclac enamel bracelet and extra leather strap

  4. nothing, save for chanel e/w w/ GHW

  5. get _____________. see my suggestion below.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Okay, not an actual disease but like a psychological thing called "purchase in pairs disease". :P hahahaha sounds weird, no?! haha but really, i have phases of madness like i buy 2 or 3 items that i totally like and obsess on them for days and then a plateau phase for a while, like just quietly enjoy my new babies and then i want some stuff again. and guess what phase i am now? rrright! i'm in a shopping phase as I had just purchased my ever so pretty alma bb in pomme. so now i'm having a poll as to what i should buy next. :biggrin:

    my choices are:
    1. Neverfull MM in Damier Azur. I love this print and my only other shoulder bag is the BV in mono. I'm thinking i could use it on the beach too for my next vacation to Phuket or Boracay.

    2. Epi speedy 25 in Cassis. I am a speedy addict and i love this size. so far my speedies are mono, azur, and epi ivoire in 25. and a damier ebene in 30. i feel that the purple one will be a good addition to my wardrobe for the color. i just wish it was less brown-y purple though... too bad i missed on the grenade!

    3. H clicclac enamel bracelet in white with silver and leather strap in vermillion/chocolate. although i'm wondering about the price of hermes in HK. if it's alot more that in the US i probably won't buy it.

    4. Save up and just buy a chanel black e/w flap with GHW in the future. I already have an M/L classic flap in black in SHW and would like an E/W. however my S.O. said that we can still buy this anyway at another time on a different trip and i'd be able to save money by then...

    5. or any other suggestions? ;)

    Thank you in advance everyone! yesss i know this is long. i'm hopeless. haha.
  2. NF MM is nice. I think among the three prints it comes... Azure is my fave. Although now I am thinking of getting the damier only because I dont have a shoulder bag in this print...

    EPI speedy 25 is a must have... though I would rather get it in red or grenade which we both missed out on...

    bracelets? I dont care for them personally...

    save up? Yeah right! Im sure we will have something to spend that money on before the Chanel right? I say buy something you like now...
  3. haha thanks speedylover! i love your reply! :smile:
  4. my vote is speedy casis..the purple shade is nice!
  5. some pics in action of the 2 bags i'm considering. first is the azur neverfull and the 2nd is the epi speedy 25 in cassis. :smile:

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  6. ^^I agree! The NF MM is a great bag, too, though. I have it in Damier Ebene, and so far, so good. I use it for school, and it's very versatile.
  7. I vote speedy. I am not a huge NF fan, but it is a bonus that is comes in azur. Have fun deciding!!:smile:
  8. oooh that's tough... the epi speedy is fab but I hv the azur nf mm & LVoe it! you hv quite a few speedys so maybe switch it up for spring :smile:
  9. love the epi speedy!! so pretty!
  10. Azur NF: I voted for this since it is different than the other bags you listed that you already own.

    Epi Speedy: Or this could be another option.

    H bracelet: Not a fan of Hermes and it is just a bracelet.

    Chanel: Not a fan of Chanel, very matronly so "other" would be my third choice.
  11. Neverfull MM, give it a try, it's a cute bag for spring/summer
  12. Azur NF. It's a great, versatile bag - and the azur is perfect for spring/summer!
  13. azur nf!!
  14. #14 Feb 18, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
    azur neverfull

    I think this will be my next bag, with spring around the corner you
    can't go wrong!
  15. epi cassis speedy