goodness GRAPEJUICE, its here!! yaaaay

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  1. My Dr.Q Zip Around wallet in Grapejuice came today! wooohooooo :yahoo:
    Compared to my usual wallets, its quite large but who cares! i'll get use to it... the color is just too gorgeous ~ Thought i'd share with you my lovely purple joy xD

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  2. Oh wow! it looks so roomy.
    how much was it? I'm looking for a wallet myself.
  3. ^ Its VERY roomy. I think i'll have to find more cards to put in it or something. I'm usually one of those people who only put the things i need in my wallet / bag so its always organized and flat.
    It was purchased from shopbop for $248.
  4. I love this color! The wallet looks really functional and organized. Congrats!!!
  5. gorgeous
  6. What a beauty! The interior looks really funky, such a cute touch!
  7. ^^Oh yeah! That lining is too cool. Congrats on getting such a great looking wallet!:tup:
  8. I love the combination of the grape color and the green lining! So cool!
  9. It's gorgeous! Enjoy!
  10. ahh...another purple beauty!!! enjoy!!
  11. Congrats! I am loving the grape juice color, might need to think more about this wallet. Looks like you could stay really organized with this!
  12. Great color!
  13. Love it! That color is tdf.
  14. I love your new wallet! The zip around style is so great - I have a Cole Haan wallet like that, and it holds so much. Congratulations! :yahoo:
  15. this was the wallet i originally wanted to buy my friend for her bday. it's very pretty. congrats!