Goodies! Reveal

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  1. Had some new goodies show up this week!

    First, sun ring from FOS.


    Next, adorable fob!

    And last, crappy iPhone pic of my new Legacy Large Wristlet in FUCHSIA!

    It will go great with my matching turnlock wallet and not-yet-revealed-cause-it's-a-preorder bag!

    Going to the FP store tomorrow with my PCE so I may have more goodies to share!
  2. Love your new goodies! The wristlet is such a fun color!
  3. Wow, look at that sparkly ring! Love it. :biggrin: Congrats on your new goodies! That pup is adorable too!

    I'm so getting one of those wristlets... hopefully it comes in tourmaline or black cherry.
  4. Love all your goodies, Congrats.
  5. Love the Sun Ring!!!
    Your Dog Fob is very cute!
    Great Pop of Color on the Legacy wristlet!!!
    Congrats on all the fun goodies you got!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. I love your goodies! Gorgeous ring! I love that doggie fob, I need one! And I love the wristlet, such a great color and I love that it has little tassels! Congrats!
  7. Congrats! I especially like the shine on that sun ring!
  8. I really like that wristlet!
  9. I love the Tony Duquette jewelry line! I have the necklace that matches your ring. Gorgeous ring :smile: Cute fob and amazing fuschia wristlet! Congrats :smile:
  10. Enjoy your new things; they are lovely.
  11. Love everything, especially that adorable fob! Congrats!
  12. Love the wristlet. Is it available in store yet?
  13. No, I had to call Jax and fight for it :P