Goodies have arrived from Charlotte Hermes!

  1. Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting several wonderful ladies from TPF at the Charlotte South Park Mall. A little shopping occurred and today the Fed X man delivered!!

    1- size 31 gold clemence and toile bolide with gold HW
    2- orange epson azap wallet
    3- pocket square on bolide "Des fleurs pour le dire"
    4- pocket square on black birken "La Tour Eiffel S'envole.."
  2. CONGRATS on all your items! Your bolide is simply too marvelous for words! I just ADORE the leather/toile combos.
  3. Love that Bolide. Congratulations.
  4. Great loot! I especially like your Bolide! It's so classy!
  5. Wow! Love everything!!! Congrats on that beautiful Bolide!
  6. Nice haul!! Congrats...
  7. Love that gold in clemence! Gorgous goodies!
  8. GORGEOUS purchases! Where's HiHeels? Wait till she sees your Bolide! It is absolutely amazing. I love it!
  9. OMG I love that Bolide and that wallet OMG! I Love Charlotte Hermes!
  10. i want that BOLIDE! so gorgeous!

    love 'em all!
  11. Absolutely beautiful goodies!!! The Bolide is one of the prettiest I've ever seen. I love that scarf on the black Birkin... my friend got that same one a couple days before you all were there to go with her new black Birkin. That scarf is so perfect for that bag. Congrats on your great H items!!!
  12. wowie! so many pretty things, love the eiffel tower pocket square!!!
  13. Lovely!
  14. Oooooo .... Beautiful! What a perfect combo for a summery Bolide! :yahoo: :yahoo:
    That's the exact Azap long wallet I have :love: :love: I am sure you will love this as much as the Azap fans on this forum!
  15. Dont let HHeels near that bolide!!!
    What a gorgeous bag!

    So elegant and so perfect with that twilly.
    Congratulations on an impressive and stylish haul...