Goodies From The Dillard's Sale! Amazing Deals!

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  1. Today was the extra 40% off for Dillard's Cardholder's. Usually my Dillard's does not have anything, but today I was amazed at what they had.

    I only purchased two items, but I got an wonderful deal on both of them.

    1. Furla Glitter Candy Satchel-$41.58 (Retails For $198.00)
    2. Coach Python Wristlet-$14.40 (Retails For $48.00)

    Grand Total For Both Was $59.90

    I am So Happy & Love My New Goodies! :smile:
    IMG_3630.JPG IMG_3631.JPG IMG_3632.JPG IMG_3633.JPG IMG_3634.JPG IMG_3635.JPG IMG_3636.JPG IMG_3637.JPG receipt.jpg
  2. You know you've done well when one of your items comes up with the "3 day return" notice. That means you got it for more than 65% off. Love seeing that (but I hate that policy, wish it was at least 7 days).
  3. I got a wonderful deal on both items.. I do agree with you about the return policy, I wish it was at least 7 days. I don't do many returns, but it would be nice if they would extend the return policy, especially since the holiday season is right around the corner.