Goodies from outlet and my Coach eyeglasses

  1. I was in Vegas for two weeks and I had to go to the outlets over there. I got two scarves which were 24.99 and two keyfobs. My prescription glasses were 285 but mom paid i think around 100. I love her! I love the Coach eyeglass case too, but too bad it's not aligned like bags and such. Oh well! It's still cute. I was going to buy a 4x7 punch planner @ the san ysidro outlet for 63.99 but decided to pass. I'm not really that busy and all to need a planner. I was tempted to get it cause its Coach and its pink! But i had willpower! yay for me. I'll just use that money for katelyns or something. Anyway here are pictures.
    Outlet.JPG outlet2.JPG outlet3.JPG outlet4.JPG
  2. My Coach eyeglasses, they are called Southport.
    coachglasses.JPG coachglasses2.JPG
  3. great stuff!!! love the heart locket keyfob
  4. I love your new scarves!

    Great purchases :smile:
  5. The scarves and glasses are so cute!
  6. cute! :tup:
  7. Love all your purchases... really cute! Those keyfobs are adorable... Congrats!
  8. Cute stuff!! Love the scarves!! Congrats!!
  9. Thanks!
  10. Nice goodies!!!:tup: I think that heart locket is cute!:love:
  11. The keyfobs are so cute! I saw those at my outlet this weekend and almost picked up the heart locket keyfob.
  12. your loot is awesome. I especially like the glasses....very stylish!
  13. Thanks girls! I know, i kept seeing the heart locket at my outlet and i just decided i have to have it before i regret it when its all sold out. I love hearts and pink! And when its Coach, i NEED it! haha.
  14. So cute!!! Congrats!
  15. Cute haul! I love that padlock keyfob! When it came out, I immediately called JAX and ordered it for my best friend's birthday. She loved it the moment she opened it. It's definitely a great choice! :tup:

    I don't like how the sunglasses case signature fabric is aligned either. My friend has Coach sunglasses and her case is the same way. Oh well.