Goodies from My favortie Men .BY My Two other Favortie Men.

  1. Hello all i dont know if that made any sense the Title... But i got these two goodies from My Dad and My Hubby. My dady got me the Damier and Hubby the Trunks and Bags... Loves it!!! Enjoy... My first mini Pochettes... :tup:

  2. congrats! they look so cute
  3. Enjoy! They are both adorable!!
  4. Nice :nuts: Congrats :tup:
  5. Too cute, congrats!
  6. Yay, congrats!! What fabulous daddy and hubby you have ~ did they go shopping together?:graucho:
    --- love your pooch btw, just like mine!:yes:
  7. ^ thank you . ISnt she the cutiest.... Her name is Tamaki.. Nope My dad got it for me by Eluxury (because his in Honduras) And Hubby got it today.
  8. Awww I love them! Congrats!
  9. [​IMG]

    Totally made me smile big! Congrats! Beautiful!!!
  10. They're SO cute! Congrats!
  11. congrats! they look AWESOME together!!!
  12. congrats!
  13. Cute!!!
  14. Cute!
  15. Very nice. Congrats and enjoy!