Goodies from Italy!

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  1. Who is ready for a reveal?! Currently struggling with the time difference as I am in the Midwest of the US. Haha. I just got back from Italy and Greece last night with some Chanel goodies!


  2. So exciting, we just came back from Italy last week . Can't wait to see.
  3. I am ready for a reveal!
  4. Here here~!
  5. I'm here!!
  6. here
  7. Here

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  8. I'm here too!
  9. Here
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    First very first pair of classic quilted ballet flats! I cannot wait to wear this!


    Second box...a classic Chanel brooch! I've been wanting one for like ever! (Huge shoutout to the lovely boyfriend for buying me this in Florence!)


    Last box is a little something that I've been thinking about and picked it up due to the great price!


  11. Lovely haul!! Congrats and enjoy them all!!
  12. Hello, you've made a great purchase. Do you mind posting the prices for flats and the brooch excludig VAT? Thanks
  13. Gorgeous flats and wallet.
  14. Congrats! They're all so pretty!
  15. Thank you!

    Thank you! I apologize! I honestly do not know the prices excluding VAT. But I believe (I can't clearly recall) the flats were about €520 and the brooch was €560? Hope that helps!

    Thank you!