Goodies from heathrow...!

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  1. I am just logging in for the first time since I arrived in Thailand....I went alittle mad in Heathrow before I got on a very LONG flight...I got a OS Leopard Oak Alexa,Pink leopard mitzy pouch,Cookie dog key ring and a Gypsy love keyring .....I got a collini spray but having read the other thread regarding about spraying the leopard and making it dry I will leave it and let you ladies help me decide if I should do it....Having a ball here back on saturday dreading the cold after this 40 degree heat...!Lots of awful fakes here ...even the alexa is copied....Scary....!
  2. Just to say they had tons of stock,loads of Oak os alexa's but the leather was not great on the 3 I tryed and I wear alot of black so the oak leoapard worked best...!
  3. Congrats Birkin girl on your swag - sounds fab.
  4. You've got some lovely items there!
    It's a bit worrying about the iffy leather on the OS oak Alexas. In what way was the leather not so great?
  5. Wow - what a great haul!

    Love to see pics of your gorgeous goodies when you get back!!

    Ahhh sunshine .. Ive forgotten what that is!!! :nuts:
  6. Wow, that was some shopping you did at the airport missy! Cannot wait to see your reveals when you return next week.

    Pah 40 degrees indeed - we are not the slightest big jealous ;) :biggrin:
  7. Wow - I'm really looking forward to see some pics! I love the Alexa, and was actually thinking about getting the pink leopard mitzy pouch as well!
  8. Excellent shopping spree! I'd love to see pics when you get back. Enjoy the heat - it's freezing here!
  9. Wow! That's what I call shopping. Looking forward to the pics on your return to 0 degrees here!
  10. Sounds like Heathrow is the place to be. You certainly picked up some great Mulberry items. :smile:

    Enjoy the holiday!
  11. In the ones I saw the leather was a bit flat and two of the ones had looked at had scratches on them...The leopard was much more lux and seemed to be more resilient but I suppose only time will tell...!I am dreading next week in the cold I hear it snowed in Dublin Yesterday although I am missing my 3 DD's and DH.....!( But I will manage...!!!!!!:biggrin:)
  12. Sounds like a fab haul birkin girl!! OS Leopard Alexa is lush - they got a few in BT too!

    Very cold here at the mo; might be better when you get back! Have a great time.
  13. Wow that's quite a shopping spree at Heathrow, but all tax free, can't be bad! :yahoo:
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday and look forward to seeing pics of your goodies when you are back
  14. Wow!! That's quite a haul!!! All the good and necessary things!!! Congratulations!
  15. Yay, so you went for it!! :yahoo: Big congrats! It does have a lux feeling, and it's great with black clothing, that's for sure.

    Almost stopped breathing for a bit when I saw the Mitzy pouch in pink leopard on the Mulberry site here the other day. Even my OH said it was lovely, and I quote : 'I'll buy it to you if you find it here'. Think he was partly joking and partly hoping they won't take it in here..:lol: We'll see. The cookie keyring is another cutie. You lucky girl:biggrin: