Goodies for myself...

  1. Since I have no budget to buy myself a new handbag, and haven't been successful in getting my dh to get me one order to get my Chanel are what I got from NM yesterday...:yahoo:

    (hope this pic is not too big, if so, pls change it for me.)

    I loveeeeeeee that pair of Chanel flat...eventhough it does bother my left heel a bit. :push: And that lambskin wallet feel sooo good to the
  2. Great goodies!!! I love the pink and black together :yes:
  3. Love the ballets!! What is the retail if you dont mind me asking? Woudl love a pair!
  4. oh gosh love the ballet flats!
  5. I love those shoes. Congrats on your goodies! :smile:
  6. Thanks ladies!
    Selena, the price of the ballet flat is $575 plus tax. Hope you get yours soon too, u will luv it!:yahoo:
  7. The wallet is a classic! I bet you'll have it forever!
  8. Love them! :yes: :heart:
  9. i love those flats, they are so cute!!! congrats!
  10. petals- LOVE your flats! I have the black/black pumps for work and now I want these pink cuties for after hours:wlae:
  11. love both! great buys! enjoy them!
  12. Love your goodies!! :love: Those flats are really comfy!! i can walk miles in them :yes:
  13. OMG, LOOOOOOVE them!!!!!!! :love: :love:

    The wallet especially is TDF!!!!!! I want one!!!! :nuts:

    Congrats!!!!! :yahoo:
  14. Thanks South!
    Is funny you mention about the pumps...I actually tried a pair on yesterday too. It feels so comfy, that it will definitely be my next target when I go to NM the next time.:graucho: (...thinking of going there again next week with my gfs)

  15. Thanks ladies!
    Sharbear, I was actually deciding btw the ones from the cruise collection, either the silver color or the gold tone wallet...but I ended up with this black lambskin. I know for sure I won't get tired of the style since is so classic. It even has a little pocket in the back side of wallet...just like one of those on the back side of a classic flap!:love: Soooo cute!