Goodies Before Ban (and maybe a few after)....

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  1. Well, lets see it has been a while since I posted any of my latest I am calling my bags - these days. :tender:

    Why pets?...Well, I am always happy to see them and I hope they are happy to see me - esp. when it is their turn to go out with me....I know it is a madness.

    Here is a picture of my collection before the latest additions.

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  2. #2 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    And now my latest additions to the family - my reds.

    The soft Madison (in front) I had before / bought in 2007 and posted.

    The burgundy patent jumbo - I bought never posted except in the collection picture as a group.

    The new 09 Cruise red caviar jumbo with silver. (haven't posted until now)

    And my HG - the vintage xl jumbo in red lambskin with gold hardware. (not posted until now)
    This was re-colored but I love it.

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  3. OMG my jaw just LITERALLY dropped to the ground. :wtf: Holy flaps!! :nuts: I thought I was bad this year! Okay, so if this is the "before" pic, what's in the after pic? I see you're a flapaholic like me, I love everything! Thanks for sharing I'll be saving this pic to my hard drive. :P
  4. You have an amazing collection!

    And congrats on your new additons! :nuts:

    All of them are gorgeous.
  5. Fabulous additions. I had the burgundy patent jumbo and returned it because I was feeling guilty I had spent too much. I hope to add it to my collection again someday *sigh*
  6. GORGEOUS reds! Wow, the color on your vintage red is stunning. Can you fit everything into a group pic or did you run out of space on your bed? :roflmfao:
  7. The pictures I took in the red grouping look very pinky red. Here is a better picture of the vintage...color wise...My fav pet.:love:

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  8. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats aLOT of flaps!LOL!
    awesome pics!Thanks for sharing!!!!!
  9. Mon I had that same burgundy patent jumbo and had to return it because the leather was splitting on the straps underneath the patent. :wtf: Brendan said it was probably some amateur that sewed my straps. J/K.
  10. WOW! Beautiful RED family! Congratulations!
  11. Thank you ladies - for your wonderful compliments and tomorrow, I will finIsh the saga of my journey before BAN!
  12. OMG your vintage red looks brand spankin' new!:nuts: I think the red deserves it's own closet.
  13. Wow, I love ALL of your flaps!! And spectacular additions! Congrats!
  14. Oh, thank you Mon.

    I almost returned it due to the concern of the splitting patent leather in chain.

    Hope you get a replacement soon.:yes:

    Thanks for your help with the white jumbo....she will be added to this thread too.
  15. awesome collection!