Goodies at Shepton outlet - pics

  1. All in the name of research, I had a great browse around the SM factory shop today. They've got some great bags in at the moment including Mabel.
    Risking being thought odd, I asked if I could take some pics so here's a few highlights for you.
    I thought I'd be escorted off the premises if I also got out a notebook and started jotting down prices, so here's as many as I can remember.

    Annie - black, oak & choc - £416.
    Bayswater - berry, radish, olive, choc with oak strap stripe, choc with oak leaves, cream, ginger, black, indigo blue (congo). £346.
    Joni - green, brown.
    Araline - ginger, green.
    Anthony messenger - black, choc, ginger, olive. £136.
    Emmy - ginger, black, choc.
    Alana - ginger, vanilla & oak, black, choc. £297.
    Roxanne - ginger, oak.
    Phoebe - oak, black, olive. £297. Also tooled in cream, purple and pink/lavender.
    Mabel - medium in oak. Mini in red & black.
    Hanover - in chocolate. £416.
    Havana - choc, oak. £397.
    Ayler - choc, ginger & choc.

    Also saw Ledbury (bright pink); Wilton, Kensington, Fleet, Carnaby, Elgin, Jacquetta, Soho.
    red bayswater.JPG red mini Mabel.JPG oak Mabel.JPG Hanover and Havana.JPG Hanover with stuff in.JPG
  2. I was disappointed by the colour of the Bay and mini Mabel - they are both pinky reds not true pillar box reds so they are not for me.
    I tried the oak Mabel but found it awkward to carry and to get into so Mabel is off my wish list.
    BUT I am totally in love with Hanover. It's very slouchy, beautifully smooth and very light. The choc is gorgeous but as I wear a lot of black, the oak would be better for me. So that's what I'll be looking for in the Jan sale.
  3. OOOh,Jo is after a Jaquetta!!! Kroquet is interested in an oak Roxy!
    And what did you make of the sturdiness of the Hanovers leather?
    Bloody hell!! You did good to remember so much!!! But then again you are a journo,so I suppose you ought to be good at this sort of thing,but I can't help being majorly impressed!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Sad about the Mabel for you though,Tara loves hers! But good you found something else for your wishlist! xxxxxxxx
  4. Thanks for posting the pics!!! Absolutely love the Hanover!!! I think that the oak would be for me too!!!!! Would look great with jeans!!!:girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh:
  5. Wonder how much the Oak Roxanne was?????
  6. S**T I can't wait for the outlet at Cheshire Oaks to open,if only to go and see some of these other styles I'm not familiar with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kroquet I will put my best cheeky head on and say I need to take pics for my American Auntie as she loves Mulberry and when she see's what she likes she buys DOZENS when she comes to visit me,and see how many pics I can get away with!!!

  7. :tup::tup: Love that idea, but can't I be a cousin as an Auntie makes me fell ancient!!! I mean, really, I am onnnnnly 48!!!! :lol::lol:
  8. Chaz - re the Hanover leather. It is so different to Mulberry's other bags. It is incredibly light and totally unstructured. I took all the packing out and it kind of slumped in on itself. It's one of those leathers that you just can't help stroking, it is baby smooth.
    I shoved all my gear in and put the bag through its paces and was pleased to see that none of my things showed through. It's pretty big and inside is a gorgeous seude lining. I also liked the fact that there's plenty of room between the straps and the top of the bag, it's not one of those that ends up jammed under your armpit.
    The only fastening is a clip which keeps the two sides together so it wouldn't suit those who like to zip their bags.
    If you like slouchy then the Hanover is for you. It's a definite for me. Now I've just got to be patient until Jan 27 and hope it comes down in the sale.
  9. Oooo, good point,I'm 42 so that would'nt really add up!! But you do feel a bit like family to me so cousin it is!!:heart::love:

  10. Ooooo,heres hoping!! That is definately my next back after your detailed reportage!!! I hope they are still in the outlets come May as my bag ban has really come down with a clang!!!!:tdown:
  11. I love the Berry Bayswater and the Oak Mabel looks really good too!
    Are the bags at the Factory shop seconds? Like the broken biscuits my dad loves or are they just discounted? I'm waiting to see waht I get for Xmas but I really want to buy another Mulberry, preferably something in red/purple.
  12. Great pics! Did you use a camera or your mobile?!! How much was the mini mabel, it's so so cute!!!
  13. Great pics, thanks. The Hanover is beautiful. When I took pics at the Helsinki store, I asked them to call their store manager to get approval + I told them what it was for. I think once they check out this site and sub forum (if not already familiar with it) they realize the advertising value. And all for FREE!! Heck, they ought to pay us with some samples, don't you agree??
  14. Yeh I adore my Mabel but I can totally see where sarajane is coming from ,
    I am a stick size 6 to 8 so the mabel fits easily over my shoulder and any one larger then a size 10 would prob be better going for the larger Mabel.
    As for the straps over the actual bag these are very alike to the roxy bag so if you like roxy`s then you have no trouble with the Mabel.
    Also the smaller Mabel is a different colour to the Mabel , this is a true pillar box red colour.

    thanks for the pictures , they are great !!!
  15. The tooled Phoebe`s sound most interesting , what are these like I`ve never seen one.